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    It is finally here the system you can’t do without

    if you're into energetic medicine you won’t believe the EnergyScanENERGYSCAN QXCI, but you can’t keep you head in the sand forever. Sooner or later you will accept theEnergyScan ENERGYSCAN QXCI

    Why? Because once you see it, you got to have it.
































    - SACRUM


    - SUMARY




    Also on this wellness form is a group or family NLP therapy. The access will bring up a form that offers the group some questions. Fill in the questions and record the changes you observe in the dialog that ensues.

    Use this questionnaire to start and record the flow of conversation between the members of a group or family. This form will allow you quick recording of the flow of thoughts as it happens. When you click the record button the edit texts are saved. Use it several times to record the flow. The end all goal and lessons are to:

  • The Bonding program in Biorhythms can also be useful



    This program has some intelligence building and challenging games. There is also a slide presentation with Intelligence building tips. This slide presentation couples subliminal stimulation and special music that stimulates unification of the brain. The music is best when using the headphones because the left and right channels have varying signals for linking the hemispheres of the brain.

    The games are for intellectual stimulation. The Subspace Tingle game will produce a tingle in one of the feet, hands or the ears or nose, then the person chooses which are he felt the tingle in. the score will be relative of successful choices versus unsuccessful. The Visual Spatial game is similar to concentration. Here you try to match the numbers such as in concentration. The system calculates the time it takes to solve the puzzle. This challenges the visual spatial memory.

    The mathematical game asks you to solve the math equations of figuring out two numbers knowing what is their sum and what is there product. The numbers get bigger and the system calculates right guesses versus wrong ones.

    The number memory game asks you to remember a ever increasing series of numbers, first forward then backward, when you make two wrong attempts at a level it calculates your score. This is used in the Stanford Binet Intelligence test. If you use these test and therapies you can build intelligence.



    After exiting the Demographics screen the computer will calculate the days old of your patient and if there is a biorhythm risk the computer will give you the choice of seeing it. There are fourteen calculations of biorhythms. And they appear after clicking start. To check biorhythm compatibility with another person, you can access the compatibility program by clicking twelve times on the atom figure in the biorhythm screen. Then insert the new person's name and birth date in the new edit boxes and click compat button. If a biorhythm for the new person exists today the computer will provide a warning. The total compatibility appears as does each category. Compatibility of over 60% is good under 40% is bad. Where there is compata or not appears as percent in compat column.

    A new component has been added for stimulation of consciousness fusing of two patients. This has been developed for marital therapy or for anyone who has trouble bonding.

    After inserting the first name in the Demographics screen and the second name in the Biorythms screen, the clicking the "Fusing of Consciousness" button will appear and allow us to start. An instructional memo will appear.

    This program operates on subspace. Tell the two persons to look into each other's eyes, remain silent during the treatment, touch hands, and open their minds to merge the consciousness. Each treatment will last about one minute. As the couple are fixed in gaze and silently fusing consciousness, the therapist can be clicking the start button till the bond is successful. Discussion can come afterward. Some couples will not want to do this program and will fight to not even start, this is most often a sign that one of them has decide to divorce. And a therapy that would help would be unwanted. So be careful and aware.

    The relative scores of compatibility of their bonds will appear on the right. Retreat till all are over 85. This program will induce bonding, which can stimulate memories, produce emotional catharsis, in fact every emotion will need to be cleared before the true bond is established. After 33 treatments even the worst will be unified. For best results forgive, forget, and refresh your relationship.



    For face-lifts, skin treatment, and body analysis.

    The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device represents a long history of over two decades of work. By measuring the static trivector field of thousands of homeopathics, including nosodes, allersodes, isodes, sarcodes, classics and combinations. Then the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system measures the reactive changing trivector field of the patient, while he is exposed to these homeopathics energies at rapid biological speeds. Since the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can measure the reactions at biological speeds of one hundredth of a second or more, the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can measure true BIORESONANCE. So in developing a Dental, Body, or face scan, the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can look for global reactions and determine location of energetic foci, or look for reactions to muscles or other sarcodes. From these results we can plot a risk chart of probabilities with about 85 to 90 percent accuracy. This can then be used to quickly set treatment parameters. With the cybernetic loop of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device active, we can then allow the computer to auto adjust the treatments at biological speeds. Speeds that other systems can not function at. This gives you the user the finest and most accurate medical system available today.

    To use this system click on the scan all button and the system will try to detect the most severe energetic foci and then with a vast amount of mathematical algorithms the system will attempt to show where any energetic foci might be. The scan all will scan for foci and after the scan the system will place a red or purple shape over the foci. If both colors appear the red is the primary risk.

    The skin rejuvenation system will also allow a scan of foci and then it will allow several types of therapies for rejuvenation and detox. Set the time in minutes and start the therapy.

    Items loaded into the upper left edit boxes can be added to the therapy.

    Sarcodes are healthy tissue

    Nosodes are diseased or infectious tissue

    Allersodes are for allergy desentization

    Isodes are for detoxification.

    Add these to the therapy if you can.



    The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device represents a long history of over two decades of work by. By measuring the static trivector field of thousands of homeopathics, including nosodes, allersodes, isodes, sarcodes, classics and combinations. Then the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system measures the reactive changing trivector field of the patient, while he is exposed to these homeopathics energies at rapid biological speeds. Since the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can measure the reactions at biological speeds of one hundredth of a second or more, the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can measure true BIORESONANCE.

    So in developing a Dental, Body, or face scan, the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can look for global reactions and determine location of energetic foci, or look for reactions to muscles or other sarcodes. From these results we can plot a risk chart of probabilities with about 85 to 90 percent accuracy. This can then be used to quickly set treatment parameters. With the cybernetic loop of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device active, we can then allow the computer to auto adjust the treatments at biological speeds. Speeds that other systems can not function at. This gives you the user the finest and most accurate medical system available today.

    First you must initialize the dental data by going to the upper left menu label called ‘Information’ and click the ‘start info exchange’ function. Now you can choose which dental function or treatment to choose from. You can review the dental isodes or nosodes, test teeth reactivity, test and scan the skull for foci, test and treat muscle function in the TMJ, and develop reports in the notes file. There is also a button for pain diminishment or trauma correction. We trust you will enjoy our new list of tests and therapies.



    To operate the system simply click the 'Start TMJ Test' button. Tell the patient to clench their back teeth. Tell the patient to not use excessive force that might hurt, but rather to use moderate force on each of the muscle exercises. The muscle test is about six seconds. The go to the next button below, which is, protrude jaw. In each exercise have the patient hold the position then click the button. After six seconds the patient can relax before the next exercise. When done the results of the difference between the muscle tension and the normal relaxed pattern can be seen by clicking the difference "Dif" buttons, or the total pattern results is on the results panel. The 'Balance Muscle Treatment' button will activate an individual auto-focusing treatment for the patient. You can also click on any muscle or the acupoints shown at the right for special treatments. You can use pain reduction therapy, nerval repair, trauma or injury repair, but be sure to set the time in minutes with one of the spin edit windows. One of which is in the upper right. This program is meant to be an assist to your other therapies, not a replacement.



    This program is very sophisticated and takes some skill in interpreting and using. In the basic philosophy of Homotoxicology there is the insight of how the body needs to detoxify. In an ever-toxic society, our bodies need to detox more and more. Detox of stool, sinus, menses, urine, sweat, etc. Excess Detox can be seen as a symptom. Diarrhea, excess sweat, smelly urine, excess menses, sinusitis, skin rash, etc can result from excess toxicity. An if the patient is taken to an allopath the symptom can be treated. This will drive the toxin in deeper. So the field of Homotoxicology was founded. But how to know what toxin or pathogen is involved has always been the problem. Now with the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device Homotoxicology is easy to learn and easier to do.

    We need to know the phase of the illness, and the likely tissue it has effected. The phase is clicked on the top of the screen and the tissue types run down the page. Click on the tissue type. A green panel will appear that will have an edit box for you to input more specific tissue of an organ of concern for testing. Click the test button and the system will then test and provide two panels with information on the nature of the toxicity (isodes), the problem of pathogens (nosodes), and behaviors that interfere with detox. To treat these problems directly click on the name of the item you want to treat.

    Homotoxicology has never been easier or more accurate. The patients unconscious will react to the items needed to treat.

    Most of the toxins in the body are free radicals. As such they have an electrical charge. The "Detox" button will provide a magnetic electrical impulse that will shake the free radicals and increase detox. As you enter the program the system will guess what the Disease State is. As you leave the panel the system will give hints, if the show hints button has not been pushed.

    Also on the page is access to the lie detector, miasma, mental factors, and love versus frustration from a swift Fourier analysis of the heart beat, and other functions as well.

    The Homotoxicology page is perhaps the finest achievement of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system. Use it wisely.

    The red shape shows the Vincent’s score of oxidation vs. Ph. Here movement right show loss of oxidation, movement right shows a gain in oxidation. Movement up shows alkaline movement and down is acid. In both cases the norm is around the zero, zero point.

    The total bio terrain is much more complicated than these simple variables but since there are so many simple minds fixated on simple reduced functions we decided to allow this review.

    For the therapists who wish to go beyond simplicity the rest of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI was developed.



    In the risk profile panel we can calculate the average risk of certain risk states. In the large test we can see individual reactions to individual items, where in the risk panel we average 20 items that say reflect immunity. The risk scores are then insightful for disease pattern recognition. The values that appear are the last patient's. To set the current values you must first click on the 'Load Current Patient' button This is a mathematical estimate. If there are too many red items then hit ' add 1' repeatedly till there are fewer red items this can be done till the most significant items remain. Reset will return to the beginning.

    There are 40 categories. Twenty below and twenty above. Press the Information button and we also have Amino acids, Minerals, Oriental Herb, Electromagneticstatic Hertzian reactions, combinations and also a switch board to our other panels. Click on calculate or hit 'u' to present the risks. The bottom 20 of 40 will appear. The top can be seen by striking the 'p' or top button. Double click on the name of a risk area and the system will put homeopathic products into the report file.



    The next important program is the Therapy program. Click on this button to go to the Therapy screen. As it appears there will be a suggested primary therapy mode if the computer has chosen one. This is written on the top of the screen. As that most of the primary therapies are autofocusing the most you need to know is often how to just hit start. The autofocus system will do the rest.

    There are several types of energetic therapy available and several ways to deliver them. The upper right box allows you the choice of delivery. Remove the harness for Virtual treatment. These therapies involve subspace treatments and active energetic frequencies of voltage and amperage oscillations through the parallel port through the harness. Read the harness rules in the front of this manual. The best choice is the default choice of 'Activate All'.

    The power double switch on the button will activate a double signal for any function. The system will then put two wave forms together to get a double power and gain. This will still satisfy any safety levels but produces a more penetrating signal. Use when you have deep stubborn disease.

    On the main therapy screen there are therapies for Rife treatments, Bicom or Mora Like treatments, Trivector treatments, and others. These are designed for use by doctors with experience and or training with energetic intervention. For the doctors and therapists with little experience or we have provided several automatic treatments. Since this system is interactive an automatic system is a last possible. Now the device can do BIORESONANCE therapy and evaluate the progress. It can terminate the program when the therapy has accomplished the goals and prolong or intensify the therapy if required. In essence this system can make midcourse corrections in the therapy treatment. It can sense and make the required changes most compatible for the patient. Most of these autofocusing systems are so easy to operate. Just hit start. The computer does the rest. Don't complain because it is too easy. Make it look hard for your patients sake, so they respect the process.

    On many of the therapies there is now automatic VARHOPE repair and injured tissue detection and repair.

    The Panels and instructions will guide you.



    The power of the word is profound. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. The Bible says in the beginning there was the WORD. Years ago Roy Curtin in America found that patients could react to words in similar fashion to the real items. Many devices were designed and marketed that used computer words to test reaction. In this device, ENERGYSCAN QXCI , we also use the words. In this device it is one tenth of the total testing package. But even though there are more powerful means of testing, we use the words along with them for peak performance. Rife found that precise wave forms had derogatory effects on biology. He found that the body liked "dirty" or complex fractal waves. Thus our device use a complex fractal set of waves with prayers and hololinguistics superimposed. You can add specifics to this fractal dimension by adding

    1. the Primary Disease,

    2. the Stressed Organ

    3. the Emotional Blockage

    There is an emotional link to organs in the acupuncture and natural medicine.

  • Lack of forgiveness of others self or even God, can be a powerful cause of disease. Jealousy, regret, excess expectations, unresolved conflicts, and many others can cause disease. Type in the name of the conflict after a short interview and they will be added to the fractal backdrop of the program in any or all therapies you use. This combines Hololinguistic with Neurolinguistic Programming.

    In the Interview look for hidden emotional blockage and if the patient does not want to pursue an emotional link to the development of their disease then leave it blank for possibly another day. To ignore a truth is to give it power. To confront a negative fault with too much energy is to fixate on the negative. This gives the fault power. Rather mark the fault with light of awareness and let the nonjudgmental light release the negativity.

    You can ignore the emotional link, use it on the therapy, or perhaps construct an affirmation for the patient to use at home. Forgiveness does not take 7 times nor 70 times, but 7 times 70. use the affirmation 70 times a day for one week. Then release it. The affirmation file can help or you can construct your own.

    Replace all Pride with compassion, replace all fear with love, replace all ignorance with nonjudgemental awareness, replace all greed with generosity, replace all desire with acceptance. Replace Fear with trust and love. Replace dark with light and enthusiasm. There is power in the mind and in the words. But the words are not the mind they just pass through. The words are strong but there is a greater power of the mind and the consciousness of the universe.

    Power Double

    This will double the output of any of the therapies. The normal setting is at a body compatible level of .7 to1.5 volts and micro amps. It is rare for a patient to feel this directly they usually feel the effects of body stabilization. When this button is clicked the output is doubled. This is still not usually felt directly. The signal will penetrate deeper. If on the third or fourth visit there is still no results or if the lesion is deep in the body then use this setting. Don’t use it unless needed. When the signal is doubled and the patient reacts to a signal, the voltage might swell and possible cause a sting to the skin. This will not happen at the low setting. Move the harness off of the forehead when using this setting.

    The Auto Meridian therapy treats and sense changes in the Acupuncture meridian system. At the end of the approximately 5 min therapy the system will tell you which meridians could not be corrected. They will appear in Dark letters. Then You can have one more chance to correct the meridian disturbance. Click on the dark box in front and the system will interrupt and try harder to correct the problem. If it still can not correct the disturbance it will tell you and you should try another time. The corrections are usually temporary and life style changes real acupuncture and real homeopathy help to increase the results. After the Electroacupuncture test the AcuPoint button appears. Clicking on it will reveal the acupuncture points the machine could not fix or bring to resonance. The new device will also tell us which meridians are yang or yin as well as whether the patient is excess yin or yang electrically at the time of the test.

    In the acupuncture program there is now a program that will allow you to process acupoints in a specific order. This can be used for phobias or any other acupuncture type function. This is under the 'Consciousness Form' Button.

    The Auto Frequency Program will Generate Rife frequencies and detect reactive frequencies, and organ polarity frequency reactions. The therapy can take from 2 to 5 min. The reactive most frequencies are displayed and the organs of polarity disturbances are displayed in Dark letters. Click each individually to try to correct or check the treat all switch to set the system to treat all disturbances. The uncorrectable problems will be displayed.

    The Scaler therapy tries to correct the energetic Chakra disturbances. To do so it can develop high degrees of voltage if the reactance of the patient gets too high. Take the harness off the forehead and apply it to the injured or disturbed area.

    The Allergy Treatment therapy needs to know the allergen, the symptoms, and the areas of allergy. input them in the appropriate input boxes. Then follow the instructions and read them to the patient as the program tries to energetically lower the reaction threshold of the allergy.

    The energetic stress terrain panel reveals a stress profile for our patient.

    The Terrain of the body is much more than just the chemistry of the pH and redox potential. The Voltage capacities reflect the catecholamine or adrenal functions. The Amperage potentials reflect the indolamines or brain functioning of the person. The voltage strength reflects the willpower, where the amperage reflects the life force. The oxidation potential reflects the ability of oxygen to effectively cross membranes. The hydration index indicates the available water in the patient. If we just use the chemical components of the patient, we are ignoring the true body electric. Resistance is a measure of the ease of energy flow in the patient. Inflammation speeds flow, where degeneration slows flow. Only with true energetic medicine using the potentials of Volts, Amps, Resistance and Oscillation (frequencies can not be measured with a resistance only device) can we develop an in-depth healing art. There are still some very unintelligent people who think that all of energetic medicine can be contained in resistance measurement, but for those with beyond elementary school education it becomes apparent the vision of a true energetic medicine. The components of amperage and voltage oscillate. This reflects the oscillations of the brain, heart and the vibrations of the subtle bodies. The speed of the reactance of the patient is also extremely important. This can only be determined after the calibration process. Then the time and sensitivity of the test can be maximized. The pH is the inverse log of the proton pressure or the available protons. Acids accept electrons because they are mostly protons. The more protons the more acid the system. The eh is the inverse log of the of the electron pressure or the available electrons. Bases donate electrons. With our sophisticated electrical system we can measure the pH and eH electrically. The phase disturbances can also be measured with our device.

    This reflects disturbance in information and energy exchange. The resonant frequencies of the patient are also important. They reflect normal biological processes. With these variables, a system that can measure at biological speeds, and a system that can repair the energetic defects detected, we can start our science of energetic medicine.

    To repair the body electric, we will need a responsive system which can monitor the corrections with a cybernetic loop. We can add electrons to an over acid system, or neutralize excesses. We can filter signals for bioresonsnce and repair malicious wave forms with cybernetic feedback. Automatic Energetic medicine has been made possible.

    Dr. Janos Selye developed a pathway of disease from excess stress. The stress can come from many ways, such as toxicity, trauma, pathogens, mental factors, perverse energy, allergies, heredity, habits, deficiency syndrome etc. As the stress continues, the disease progress.

    The work of Hungarian doctor Hans Selye showed the world a proper medicine based on stress reduction and stress control. He showed the negative effects of stress on the body and the physiology. Stress starts by producing an Alarm response in the patient which will provoke symptoms. If the stress continues the body will go into an Adaptation stage which is symptom free. The disease progresses as the symptoms reduce.


    VOICE THERAPY (For overtone analysis)

    This program is used to detect voice stress and vibrational disturbances or missing vibratory qualities in the voice. To operate as directed, Use a microphone put into the input of your sound board. Have the patient start by saying the sound 'Ahh' for ten seconds after you strike the "Start" button. Try to have the volume loud enough to have the voice pattern come to at least the broken line on the sound panel in the upper left. If the voice is not loud enough the system will work but accuracy is lowered, make sounds loud enough to touch the min line.

    Then construct a bar of music for the patient by striking the "Construct" button. Listen to the sounds with the Play short bar one button. If you like the sounds the record them to the master with the record Button. If you want the computer to revise and condense the sounds for more acceptability then use the "Modify " button. then choose to store or erase the sounds. Do the same for the sounds " AEYY", "EEE", "I', "Ohhh", "UUU", and finally the sound of the patient saying their own name and occupation. This allows for the generation of a seven bar tone personal symphonies for the patient.

    This can be revised trimmed and altered for the patient by deleting or adding tone numbers. We used the piano tones in this first version. The future versions will use other types of sounds, but this version can start a patient into developing a personnel type of power or relaxation music. A competent musician can help make the process complete. The virtual button will disable the electrical contact of the harness. The Restore button will restore the link. The chakra panel will show the reflex of each tone to the chakra of the patient. Just doing this exercise is therapeutic to the client's energy chakra. The storage available at present is into the notes file. Store the note numbers into the file and store the patient file. Recall this later to play the notes

    To test the patient's reaction and resonance to a sound, type in the name of the sound in the edit box in the lower right of the screen. Click the "Test Reaction To an External Sound" button. Set the time of the sound test in sec with 90 sec max. When ready to expose the patient to the proposed sound click "OK". the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device will test the patient's energetic reaction to the sound. The test will generate a large collection of data which is then condensed to two numbers of reaction, and resonance. To test a new sound click the new sound button and type in a new name and repeat the procedure.

    Please be aware that as you test and retest any sound adaptation response can occur.



    Years ago there was a device that was designed to play music and then adjust the music to stimulate relaxation. Thus as the music plays through the body muscle tension inhibits the flow of the music. Since our ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can make music with the CD player, hear music with the Microphone, and adjust therapy outlet through the ENERGYSCAN QXCI harness, we have all the essential ingredients to do the same. To Operate this, simply pick a piece of music from the CD music selection on our relax music CD. Then push the activate CD button. After the CD is activated then when ready push the Music therapy button. The quality of this will depend on the quality of your soundboard, speakers or headphones, and microphone. This can used as SUPERLEARNING, relaxation, or muscle therapy.

    Set time for therapy in minutes (approximate as the device is self-adjusting). Reports on muscle relaxation patterns is available on the right of the screen. Deep muscle relaxation is then developed into the patient in minutes rather than hours. Be careful as the device then also increases suggestibility dramatically.



    This program will allow you to take an auditory prayer and add it to the prayer file we use on the patient backdrop. Read the memo. Then access the about button on the main screen and add your prayers to the file. No more than twenty please. To make an auditory prayer file and add it to the fractal prayers of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system, is very simple. Go to the start button, up to programs, up to accessories, to entertainment, to sound recorder. The sound recorder needs a sound board and a microphone. The file button and new to record. When finished and you are satisfied save the file as a wave to the "prayer folder" in the Program file of Clasp32. Then go to the "about" button on the main screen and enter the name of the file in the edit box, and enter the activation file or your prayer. This prayer will be added to the prayer fractal that backdrops the ENERGYSCAN QXCI operation. To remove the file goes to the Prayer folder and delete.



    This Program allows for music therapy. You must have a CD in your computer and a sound board. This Therapy also works with the Trivector acu stim pads sold by Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd.. It is suggested to use amplified headphones. Contact your distributor or Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd. direct.

    Deep muscle relaxation has been shown to be effective in most all diseases. When the muscles and mind relax, the proper healing energy of the body is at a maximum. The music deepens the relaxation and the trivector stim pads will input a harmonic soliton wave into the body for healing. By inducing a electromagneticstatic concordant wave in the body many aberrant wave forms are reduced. Replacing them with proper fractal harmonics. This therapy page will allow therapy for 10 to 30 minutes. This can be unsupervised or with a therapist present. You can use this time to prepare your report or to prepare your next patient.

    To use this therapy; attach the headphones and the trivector stim units to a concerned acupoint or on a pain area. Choose a proper CD for therapy. Then start the CD by clicking on the Green arrow or the most left button on the CD navigator. Once the sound therapy has started after 6 sec then choose any other therapy to superimpose on the sound. You can choose pain therapy, autonomic nerval therapy, adipose tissue therapy, or harmonic phase therapy. The harmonic phase therapy will analyse the brain wave and determine any phase aberrations in the brain wave. BIORESONANCE will attempt to correct these aberrations. The quick check will look for phase disorders without therapy.

    Aberrant phase disorders are revealed in the trackbar on the page. Left and right brain phase problems are most revealing. The science and mathematics of this work are discussed in the Promorpheus, an advanced treatise on the subspace and quantum aspects of biology.

    The best choice of music for therapy is a smooth harmonic type such as classical. Some of my personal therapeutic favorites are:

    2. Beethoven 7 for melancholy
    4. Mozart for balancing the brain
    6. Vivaldi for SUPERLEARNING
    8. Vangelis for Stress Reduction
    10. Jonathan Livingston Seagull for depression
    12. Rossini for Chronic Fatigue
  • Any music can work to help the patient relax and transcend the disorders of the body. Concordant harmonic music is suggested.

    Patients will receive the pervasive waveform in 3 to 5 min. Sick patients will take longer.

    When you click the CD start green arrow the music and trivector pattern starts. The 'Start' button will start a 20 min therapy from the harness. The Alarm reaction detection is enabled. If the music is dissonant to the person or there is an alarm reaction then the music will stop and the program will close. When the 'Start (alarm disabled)' is clicked the therapy will proceed for 20 min with out interruption.

    You will need to reset the computer or control-alt-delete to stop the therapy. The 'Homeopathic ' panel will allow a superimposed trivector homeopathic field to be put into the therapy.

    'Harmonic Therapy' button will start a 5 min. BIORESONANCE therapy.

    The 'SUPERLEARNING' program will transmit a particular harmonic wave into the brain and the body of the patient for 20 plus minutes. Play a baroque CD such as Vivaldi. The input a audiotape of the subject to be learned into the sound board in the 'IN' receptor. This will then play the subject matter over the CD music, while the ENERGYSCAN QXCI induces a SUPERLEARNING field in the brain of the subject. Apply the Trivector stim pads on the two frontal emmences on the forehead.

    In our research we have shown this to be safe and increase the learning over 200%. We recommend the therapy once or twice a week.



    This program is on the homeopathic activation screen.

    This program will look for an electrical compatibility to classic repertory symptoms. Input the sensations into the edit boxes. Try not to lead the patient, ask for patient responses to the questions in the edit boxes. Get the answers in simple terms and type them into the boxes in English. Ask a question like please tell me what sensations you feel in the head.

    DO NOT ASK is there a pain in your head? or any direct reference to a possible symptom If the answer is that the area is normal then type normal.

    If the only answer is I am not sure then ask for the immediate or present sensations. If the patient can not talk or converse to you type N/A (for not applicable) into the edit boxes or leave all untouched. You can type 256 characters in each box.

    After completion Click the Load button then click the Scan button on the next panel.

    The computer will now scan the electrical and repertory compatibility in the homeopathic matrix. The top items will have values above 400 and appear at the bottom of the grid.

    Most patient are sick because they can not properly feel, express, or understand their own sensations. Patients often lie, twist or cover up some data when asked to verbally describe their sensations. The verbal area of the brain is very small and is restricted in access to the rest of the body. This makes verbal interactions weak in their ability to get to the truth of the patient's health. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device interacts with the unconscious for a deeper and truer picture. The device will look for compatibility and allow the unconscious of the patient to chose homeopathics for their own body



    On this panel there is access to functions of spinal analysis, allergy testing, and sarcode or organ strength. The "test and treat Trivector Energy Flow" this will test and treat each vertrabrae. It measures the reactivity of the system to sarcode of the vertrabrae while testing the flow of electrical energy through the system. If there is a flow disturbance the computer will identify it by telling us it is not corrected, difficult (meaning chronic), or other message. The individual vertrabrae can be tested and treated or the whole system can be treated multiple times.

    The button "Show Sarcodes" will show us many organs and show resonant they were with the patient. The higher the number the more problem there is in the organ. An inflamed or degenerate organ will show high numbers the therapist will have to decide what was the difficulty. Healthy tissue will tend to have moderate numbers like 50 to 80. Higher numbers represent risks in the organ. The "mental foci" button will turn the organ most related to the current mental state of the patient white.

    The "timed treatments" button allows us to activate therapy suggestions for specific organs or organ functions. You can set the time up to forty minutes. At the right there is activation for selections of 1. Inflammation 2. Metabolic disorder, 3. Injury, 4. Infection 5.degeneration. If you know these are present in the organ you wish to treat then click. If you are not aware then do not click these boxes. You can chose several of these check boxes but only one radio button or organ therapy at a time. The help with question will allow you to ask the patient questions to access more data. These questions are also asked in the demographics panel under the "acu symptom profile", so if you have answered them on the demographic page you do not need to enter them here they will already be in the computer. This will make high risk organs be red on the sarcode panel. Click on the name of the organ to treat it for a short time. Resonance and rectified will appear on the lower right. Continue the treatments till rectified is above 90.



    On the sarcode screen there is access to an allersode panel. Here we can see the results of the allergy panel. We can see the test results, the allergy families, test individual allersodes, test allergy families, make an allergy report. This report is in the cpt code format for insurance payment in the United States. The CPT code numbers are already posted.



    This screen gives access to a cranial sacral program where we can read about how to do cranial sacral therapy with our hands or allow the device to do the therapy electrically.

    The Technique of Cranial Sacral Therapy is a major area of Therapy for health practitioners. This art can take years to master. This screen is a tool for learning and therapy. The major areas of the cranial sacral therapy are in this screen for electrical frequency resonance or in text for learning how to perform CS therapy. When you apply the Electromagnet Therapy a therapy and test of resonance will follow. The area is at resonance if the score is above 95. The CS system is so sensitive that the system might overload and stop electromagnet therapy. In this case stop electrical therapy and proceed with manual therapy or refer the patient to someone else or another time.

    When using the "Test and Treat All" button, the system will treat then test each electromagnetic therapy. The Areas that are stable energetically will be disabled. The areas needing more therapy will remain enabled. Continue to treat till all areas are disabled.

    There are many areas of CS stimulation to consider.

    The paravertebral musculature is another area of palpation which can be diagnostically useful. With the subject sitting or lying prone, palpate the craniosacral motion in the paravertebral regions from the occiput to the sacrum. Keep the spinous processes between your fingers. Changes in craniosacral rhythm of the paravertebral regions can be used diagnostically to locate nerve root impingement and spinal cord lesion. Denervated muscle presents a physiological motion between 20 and 30 cycles per minute. This information can be used in the differential diagnosis between the pain of somatic dysfunction and nerve root compression. As with any skill, the development of palpatory sensitivity requires practice. The experience gathered from practice time where small groups of practitioners work together with a non-critical approach is the most productive. To reiterate, do not let your intellect obstruct the development of your palpatory skills. Develop familiarity with this extended use of your hands. After you know on a "gut level" what your hands can do, you will then have plenty of time to be intellectually critical. Give your "right brain" a chance to demonstrate its ability without having your "left brain" continually harping about "What is this?" or "Is this possible?" Learn by doing. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device can also automatically perform these tests electrically. The Basics of the Cranial Sacral Test is developing a soft yet firm intimate touch contact with the patients spine and emotional neuro-muscular system. This step by step system will guide you to a basic Cranial Sacral evaluation. To hear is to think to see is to believe to do is to know.



    With the patient comfortably supine and the examiner comfortably seated at the table, the examiner's hands were laid palms up on the table so that the ulnar sides of the two hands approximated each other. The fingers were flexed between 60 and 90 degrees. The fingertips were placed in contact with the patient's occipital region in a (nearly) symmetrical fashion immediately caudal to the superior nuchal line. The examiner's fingertip contact was allowed to remain passive until the soft tissues relaxed and the examiner could sense the firmness of the deeper bony structures. Once this relaxation of soft tissue occurred, gentle traction was applied in a posterior-cephalad direction. As the occiput moved in compliance with this traction, a gentle laterally directed force was added to the traction by each of the examiner's hands. The resistances of the two sides of the occiput to this examiner-induced passive motion were then rated individually on the 1 to 3 scale.



    For testing of restriction to motion of the temporal bones, the examiner and the patient remained in the same relative positions as aforementioned. The patient's occiput was gently cradled in the examiner's interlaced fingers (hands palms up). The examiners thumbs were positioned so that they were in contact with the temporal mastoid processes and tips. First, a side-to-side motion was gently induced so that when one mastoid tip was pressed medially, the opposite tip was allowed to move freely in a lateral direction and vice versa. The motions were tested in rhythm with the cranial rhythmic impulse (CR1). Several excursions were monitored. Then, resistance to a very minute circular motion of the temporal bones was tested. The axis of this motion can be conceptualized as running through the external auditory canal and through the petrous portion of the temporal bone. Resistance to these examiner-induced motions was rated on each side in terms of its severity. Before terminating this temporal bone testing, symmetry of motion was restored by the examiner.



    These STEPs were all tested using the "vault hold." The positions of the subject and the examiner were unchanged except for the application of the examiner's hands to the subject's head. The "vault hold" is the descriptor for the method of application of the examiner's hands to the subject's head. This application was for the evaluation of the interosseous motions which are conceptualized to occur between the bones of the cranial vault. The index fingers of each hand were applied gently to the area overlying the external surfaces of the great wings of the sphenoid. The fifth fingers of each hand rested in contact with the occipital squama approximately one-half inch medio-posterior to the occipito-mastoid suture above the superior nuchal line. Some slight differences in the placement of these fingers may result if examiners have small hands, or if a head is relatively large in size, but this does not interfere with the proprioceptive cues that can be perceived. The third and forth fingers of each hand were not used in the motion-testing process during sphenobasilar evaluation. The thumbs did not contact the subject's head but did contact each other. They served to provide the examiner with proprioceptive and kinesthetic cues about the equality of motion when movements in one direction were compared with reciprocal movements in the opposite direction.



    Using the vault hold, the examiner exerted a gentle force over the occipital squama and great wings of the sphenoid concurrently. This force was directed caudal and was applied by his paired index and fifth fingers. The thumbs were in contact with each other and furnished proprioceptive and kinesthetic cues so that the examiner's force was applied as symmetrically equal as possible. After the cranium responded to the initiating force (of approximately 5.0 grams or less), the examiner became passive and followed the cranial motion to its restricted end point. This was the test for flexion. Restriction against this examiner-induced motion was then rated and reported after comparison with restriction encountered when testing for extension, next. To test for extension, a similar bilaterally equal force was applied by the examiner in a cephalad direction. The testing was then repeated until the examiner gained a reliable impression as to the relative ease/restriction of these reciprocal motions.



    The vault hold was applied as a fore-mentioned. In order to test for restriction toward side bending-rotation toward the right, the examiner's left index and fifth fingers were gently moved cephalad and medialward while slightly approximating each other. Resistance (restriction) to this examiner-induced passive motion was compared with side bending-rotation motion testing toward the left. In order to test for restriction toward the patient's left, the examiner repeated the same procedure using his right hand. Restrictions were rated on the 3 point scale, each side individually.



    Using the vault hold, the examiner applied a gentle force with the index finger of one hand and the fifth finger of the other hand simultaneously in a superior (cephalad) direction. First, testing was completed for torsion on one side and, then, after allowing the motion to return to a position of easy neutrality, testing was completed on the opposite sides. The forces were extremely gentle. Following the initiation of motion by the examiner, the motion was monitored to its restricted end point. The restriction was rated for the side on which the great wing of the sphenoid bone resisted superior motion; if the left great sphenoid wing and the right occipital squamous moved easily in a superior direction, but the right great wing and the left squamous moved superior (cephalad) with difficulty, the restriction was rated as a 2 or 3 on the right side in reference to the right wing of the sphenoid bone offering resistance to the superior motion.



    Using the vault hold, the examiner exerted a force over the great wings of the sphenoid bone with his index fingers. This force was in a frontal direction away from the fifth fingers which were gently immobilizing the areas over the occipital squama. It is essential that this force be applied as bilaterally equally as possible. The examiner's thumbs in contact with each other furnish valuable kinesthetic and proprioceptive cues during this testing procedure. Following the initiation of the motion, it was monitored to the restricted end point and rated on the 3 point scale (ease/restriction in response to the initiating force). A free anterior-posterior expansion motion (indicated by ease of motion in a frontal directional suggested the absence of compression.



    Using the vault hold, the occiput was gently held immovable by the examiner's fifth fingers. The index fingers were then used to induce motion and test restriction bilaterally on a horizontal plane in a direction at approximate right angles to the median sagittal plane of the subject's head. Restrictions toward this induced motion were rated and recorded toward the right and toward the left of the examiner.



    Using the vault hold, the occiput was gently held immovable by the examiner's fifth fingers while his index fingers (overlaying the great wings of the sphenoid bone) exerted a gentle symmetric force on a frontal plane first in a superior (or cephalad) direction, and then in an inferior (caudal) direction. As the vertical motion carries to its end point, it can be perceived that it possesses an arcing component which is directed posteriorly. Restrictions were rated as they limited the superior and/or inferior response to motion testing in those directions.



    All four of these STEPs were tested with the patient supine upon the upturned palm of the examiner's right hand. The spine of the sacrum rested in the space between the examiner's third and fourth fingers. The sacral apex and coccyx rested in the examiner's upturned palm. The tips of the examiner's third and fourth fingers were just lateral to the spinous processes of the fourth or fifth lumbar vertebra (depending on the patient's size). The distal aspects of the examiner's index and fifth fingers were in contact with the superior lateral aspects of the sacrum.

    The test for restriction toward sacral flexion was performed by using the examiner's palm to gently induce an anterior motion of the sacral apex.

    The test for restriction toward sacral extension was performed by inducing an anterior motion of the sacral base. Both of these motions were tested through several cycles of the CRI and the restrictions to examiner-induced motion toward both flexion and



    We at Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd.. are constantly advancing the art of energetic medicine. As we progress into virtual reality, our research has shown that the human mind is already capable of imaginative imagery that surpasses current technology. the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device can help to activate the imagery parts of the brain. This program will activate a program that runs music and specific stimulus into the brain.

    The inputs are:

    2. harness tens and energetic stimulation,
    4. music and sound
    6. subliminal messages,
    8. sonic stimulation of body harmonics,
    10. magnetic stimulation of acupoints,
    12. visual stimulation of eyes,
    14. imagination stimulation with suggestions.
  • This cumulates in a new virtual reality experience that allows the doctor to proceed with his investigations, therapies, cybernetic interface while the patient relaxes and uses visual imagery to simulate functions and regain balance. This program is operated through the CD of your computer.

    This program is designed for dentists or other therapist who want to relax and distract their patient while they work other therapies. This program is also of great benefit for super-learning and long therapy sessions. Access to this program is on the main menu form.

    If you do not have the set up device for this use order one from Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd.. use the order form in Clasp 32 , biofeedback, texts.



    In this program the computer offers us a reflexology , irridology and other programs to help guide our therapy and offer us an intervention of holistic medicine. We can scan these areas for problems and treat the problems as they arise.



    Prayer has been used in healing as long as there has been a human race. The power of prayer has now been documented in medical literature in over 300 major peer reviewed studies. People who are prayed for have slightly better results than those who are not. Larry Dorsey, a MD, wrote of this and explains that the prayers work best when they are of a certain quality of mind. We have outlined in the PROMORPHEUS that there is a subspace backdrop dimension of the universe that permeates and allows consciousness. This consciousness subspace can allow transfer of energy or information in ways not understood by the limited classical physics. Our subspace and quantum physics can explain this process however.

    All things share the subspace of consciousness, but quantic objects with complex fractal indeterminancies are more sensitive. These type of quantic system objects then have so much more consciousness that we by social agreement call them conscious. Could we program a computer to have more of this consciousness and then enable it to pray for the healing of others. We first have to provide for a true indeterminacy, because the random function in computers now is not truly random. It is based on the timer and as such is unreliable as a quantic indeterminacy generator. This can be compensated for. Then we must provide a backdrop of the right sounds, frequencies, and words that people have found in all of our cultures to be of the right quality. Cross-cultural comparisons have shown several common denominators of shared experience in the development of perfection of prayer. The computer must have Karmic backlash safeguards. Safeguards to protect the healer and the patient from negativity. Finally this must be tied into a repetitive process in the computer and tested in operation. All of these things have been accomplished by the Quantum Med Consciousness Interface. This system is capable of producing 92 prayers per millisec, or 92,000 per sec. This is over 5.5 million per min. This is just the base operative system that operates behind the software at all times. This number can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled or more as the system operates. The QMCI medical device after a decade of development and testing has accomplished these goals.



    There is an undeniable new paradigm developing in science. The theories of consciousness, quantum theory, subspace systems, fractals, energetic medicine are all being used more and more. These systems will be common place in short time as people everywhere are losing their fixation on Newtonian dynamics and replication. Society is broadening its mind to more open consciousness ideas. Towards this end some will reject new open-minded ideas because they threaten their own ego. If their education was fixated on old now rejected dogmas, they might seek to validate their ego by threatening new concepts. Other will reject the new paradigm because it threatens their income, if they get money for using the old antiquated system.

    But we encourage you to have the vision and determinism to see the future of energetic medicine. And network with us if you need help in this new vista of medicine.

    The science behind this entire field of energetic medicine may seem foreign a first. The newness of these thoughts and the resistance of the old order have made the spread of these new ideas slow. These ideas seem so complex and un-understandable. Just as the concept of electromagnetic radiation and television seemed some years ago. But now we all understand the simple ideas of television. We don't have to know all of the science to use a television, nor do you need to know all of the science to use the ENERGYSCAN QXCI.



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