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It is finally here the system you can't do without

if you're into energetic medicine you won't believe the ENERGYSCAN QXCI, but you can't keep you head in the sand forever. Sooner or later you will accept the ENERGYSCAN QXCI

Why? Because once you see it, you got to have it.













































The Quantum Med System is a computer operated energetic medicine interface that is so sophisticated most of its' functions are automatic. The auto-focus system uses a link of therapy to test that is self-correcting and self-adjusting. The system can make corrections at speeds over one hundredth of a second. The hardest part is learning to operate the Windows 95 or 98 system. It doesn't take long. In ten or so patients you will be somewhat proficient. We expect that no one would be so presumptive as to try to treat patients the first time they use any new system. However so often new owners have all of their tough cases lined up for the first day therapy. No good results and then the system must be at fault. Any new therapy takes some time to get used to.

This simple guide is designed for some simple directions of basic use. First realize that even though there are over two hundred and fifty functions of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI you don't have to use each one. Just because you have an Air Conditioner in your car you don't use it every day. When you use a Swiss army knife you don't have every blade.

There are over two hundred and fifty separate functions with some having over three hundred variable choices. All together there are millions of variable therapy and diagnostic choices. To do a complete demonstration of all of the functions takes three hours or more. Since most people have attention spans of ten minutes or less, keep any demo to friends or colleges short. Small minds try to reduce functions to simple ten-second descriptions and they will be overloaded by the total scope of this device. An overloaded small mind is prone to fear, jealousy, and vindictiveness. Small minds see new technology as a threat; larger minds see new technology as an opportunity.

The basic system is more than often enough. But we have put enough surprises into the system to keep you learning for a lifetime.

This is a sophisticated program designed to help medical diagnosis and therapy.

The software makes an electrical and subspace connection to the patient via the electrical harness through the parallel port of your computer or through the subspace link of the trinary software. We suggest the user be properly trained in the use of this program.

This user manual supplies the basic operation of the software but does not supply medical interpretation or medical advice. This program is but a tool for the health practitioner so no medical claims are made of this program. The Disease Dictionary does supply some medical advice. Clinical and experimental results are in the 1st journal of the Journal of the Medical

Science of Homeopathy. Here is the basic theory of electrophysiolgical reactivity, xrroid, and the clinical test results. A review of this literature is suggested, at least the abstracts. There are many texts, helps, hints, and prompts, but nothing beats a ENERGYSCAN QXCI day lecture.

You can learn about the buttons. It is really easy, stick with it. A complete list of the studies, articles books, and research is in the research access button on the first screen and the test screen.

The trivector system measures the voltage, amperage, resistance, frequencies, etc to calculate the inductance, capacitance, resonance and conductance of the reactive system of the body over time. Thus we can calculate and model the mind body connection from these multi dimensional factors. The quantic nature of the biological system allows for the interface of the digital computer.

By adapting the work of Becker, Priori, Beardall and others, we had developed a computerized system that can develop a tiny DC potential multi signal to time reverse cells. Use of techniques such as differentiation and re-differentiation into a massive set of multi signal fractals. The nonlinear analysis then can develop multi signals for deep tissue interface. This can be used to stimulate immune function, destroy pathogens, detoxify free radicals and others. An energetic medical device that can be used for antiaging, disease reversal, cancer therapy, rejuvenation and a host of other auto-focusing therapies. This new more powerful therapy has made the ENERGYSCAN QXCI 888 of 8-8-99 a far more superior system than those of the past.

The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device has had over 300 research articles written on it, many published in peer reviewed medical journals. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device has been taught in medical schools since 1995. So the history behind this exciting technology is massive. It is not experimental anymore. So read, use, enjoy, and help to heal your patients. To access this information there is the biofeedback text folder under the clasp32 folder. And in the ENERGYSCAN QXCI program on the TEST screen there is a program under the research access on the top bar that can access the 100 megabytes of studies, research, articles, and books.



(An introduction of philosophy behind treatment with the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system.)

As we deal with a patient we first need to remove or reduce the cause of disease. We need to build responsibility in the patient for his own present, past and future behavior.

Behavioral medicine must be involved in basic medicine. Acupuncture must be involved in basic medicine. Nerve energy flow must be involved in basic medicine. Nutrition must be involved in basic medicine. HOMOTOXICOLOGY must be involved in basic medicine. Awareness and biofeedback must be involved in basic medicine. The word doctor comes from the Latin word "EDUCTOR" or teacher. A doctor should be a teacher, thus education is a must for medicine.

True medicine should be holistic medicine. Medicine is based in responsibility. Separation from a cause of disease is the responsibility of the diseased patient. If there is a cause of disease in your environment you can choose to change or reduce the cause, move to a new environment, or accept the conditions. Responsibility for healing is with the patient.

Many of the causes of disease that approach us are beneath our conscious awareness. Our unconscious is much more aware of the disease causing factors that come at us. Our unconscious reacts with subtle energetic changes in electrical bodies. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device is the first energetic medicine device to test reactions where the patient and doctor both do not know what is being tested. Thus the unconscious of the patient causes the reactions. The reactions are not picked by the computer, not picked by the unconscious of the doctor as with point probes or kinesiology, but the results are picked by the unconscious of the patient. So in the ENERGYSCAN QXCI we have a device that can make us aware of the unconscious of the patient. Some patients are more aware of their unconscious. These patients are likely to feel the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device and recognize the reaction patterns more easily. Others will take more time, but after several visits they will become more aware of their unconscious and feel the effects more.



Many energetic medicine diagnostic systems are currently on the market. There are also many therapeutic systems using energetic medicine or bio-resonance therapy. This is the first device of its kind to apply both in simultaneous operation. This allows for auto-focusing of therapy and diagnosis.

A Bicom device depends on the doctor to set the treatment modalities. If we pick up a camera the odds of it being in focus are about a million to one. With this device the computer can auto-focus the therapy by adjusting the system modalities to the patient. This system uses a fuzzy number system to adjust the therapy in the same fashion as an auto-focus camera. The mathematical analysis of this system is contained in the book 'Promorpheus' which details the mathematics of shape transfer.

The sensitivity of this electro-physiological reactivity program is set for maximum reactions so as to detect the earliest signs of disease, toxicity, infection, and illness. The results should be evaluated with confirming medical tests and second opinions to confirm the prospective results.


The patient's unconscious dictates the reaction not the computer.

Sometimes patient are sick because they react badly.

This software is only authorized for use by the paying user. Only those who have paid Healing Bio Dynamics and Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd.. can use this software. It is not for resale or for rental or for any unauthorized use. If the software was not procured from Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd. or you must call and properly register your software. Any unauthorized use will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If you see a red BIOFEEDBACK ONLY COPY warning this means that your copy is not activated and you need to pay Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd. and get activated. The signals are scrambled and thus inappropriate in the DEMO copy. If you have a QMCI 6 device you can do Biofeedback without total activation. But the device must be present.



The ENERGYSCAN QXCI system will not work on Windows NT because it does not support parallel port interfaces well enough to allow QX data interface. Use on Windows 95 or 98.

You will need 300 megabyte free on your hard drive to operate the system. Another one or two hundred will make a good long term patient data base. You need at least 16 mega bytes of ram and more will allow better use. 120 meg hertz speed of your CPU is minimally necessary. The timer chip in your computer is important for the timing interface. If it is not fast enough the system can over clock our ENERGYSCAN QXCI operation to compensate. This will not effect any other operation of your computer.

Try not to have any other programs running during the operation of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI, so disable any program that is auto installed on start up (unless you have a large amount of ram but even then these other programs might interfere with the ENERGYSCAN QXCI). Make sure that black is not used anywhere on your appearance screen under the control panel, display, appearance panel. Black on this screen will possible cause a blank or black name in the QX program. In the control panel, display, screen saver or power saver or power management options set them at 50 or more minutes so that they do not click in during any of our long therapies in the ENERGYSCAN QXCI operation. Many of our Windows interrupts can last for over forty minutes. In the control panel, display, settings use 1024 by 728 or larger to maximize the view. Using a non ionizing radiation screen such a liquid crystal display or back lit can reduce the health risk. A good screen is good on the eyes as well, so don't try to save the screen money. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device will reduce CPU harm but can not effect the large image orthicon tube screen dangers.

The ENERGYSCAN QXCI system to operate efficiently needs windows 95 or 98 (not windows NT), 16 MB memory (64 recommended), Hard drive minimum 300 megabytes free space after installation, CD drive, Soundboard, Color monitor, and 65535 more colors videocard. Operate with a medical safe surge protector or on battery.


We found in 1999 that some unscrupulous Korean businessmen were selling the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system for over $45,000. This system was archaic and could not be updated. The price was not fair. This was inappropriate and illegal something needed to be done. Other persons have committed fraud by selling illegal forms of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI. Since the ENERGYSCAN QXCI is the largest and best cybernetic medical software in the world today we realize that there will always be greed person who will try to cheat the public.

So to protect the public we ask that you get an update once a year. To get these files go to the Internet and get the update file and put it into the clasp32 \program folder. If you do not have access to the Internet call your contact person and have the update file sent to you on disk.

This way we can protect you and give you more material for helping your patients. So get the file now for in May your system will crash. If this is not to your satisfaction please call the Korean Cheats and the others who have violated international copyright laws.



The body is indeed quantic as we have proven in the PROMORPHEUS. As such then the body is digital in nature. With this in mind we need to evaluate the body in digital terms not analog. The eclosion, phasix, listen best and other systems use analog to digital converters and thus diminish data. Only the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device uses digital to digital communication without A to D converters. This dramatically increases the quality of the data while decreasing the price.

There is a three dimensional picture of the stagnant trivector of this homeopathic available in the program. To access the picture go to the matrix on the test screen, click on the item and then click the "Expand Name" button.

At the bottom an access to the picture button will appear. Then load the picture of the selected homeopathic.

This picture is a result of the trivector tests of the capacitance, inductance, and conductance test of the homeopathic.

These pictures are copyrighted and any unauthorized use will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The color the size and shape are indicative of the polymorphic structure or the liquid crystal nature of water in the tested homeopathic. This trivector field is duplicated into the patient for testing and for therapy. I hope these pictures will help in understanding the nature of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device.

The chart of the mathematics shows the complexity of this signal. Other companies use one frequency or one signal for duplication. The nature of the structure of a homeopathic is quite complex as this chart reveals. And even this mathematical signature is reduced from the real picture of nature. This is why we put a real test-kit into the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device for Quantum Coherency. This results in a superior test and therapy.



You should read the ' about 'disclaimer when you first get the program. Also there is a warning about not using the harness with pacemakers. There is also a suggested time for the next update. These appear on a red panel. This red panel will disappear with a double click on it with the arrow. Most of the panels in this program will disappear with a double click. Inside the 'About' screen there is an access to the prayers. Here you can add to the prayers the system uses, disable them, or design your own. The system uses a fractal prayer dynamics as a back drop to pervade the operation. Twenty three thousand prayers a second are said for your patient.



There is a training CD available that offers complete basic instruction for the beginner. This will teach you how to operate the system easily and quickly. The CD does not teach medicine. If you Want to learn more about medicine, get an International License, or a degree, then got to Windows Start (lower left), then Programs, then Clasp32, then External. This is the External education program of the International Medical University. Network with them for details.



When you are learning the system you need help learning the buttons. To help I have put a hint program into the system. Find the Picture on the screen you are using and go to it with your mouse. No need to click. just stop and rest the mouse on the picture most right and down on the page. A small hint will appear for 3 sec. This will tell you what button, function, or place to go to next. This will allow you to learn the system easily. When lost go to the hint.



Now you will see that several other buttons are enabled with the words in dark letters. HELP will take you to the complete help manual in windows format.

But on some windows computers the format might not be right so this manual might be all you can get.

You can go to the therapy program, the insurance and billing program, information if accessible, or demographics. In the normal patient program you should now go to the Demographics button and click. The cursor starts in the patient name box and you must enter a name to proceed. The name is important for the subspace operation.

You should now enter the patient name in the upper edit box. The cursor should appear in the edit box of the name when the program is started. If not, click into the box with the arrow if the cursor is not already in the edit box, and then type the correct patient name. Tabbing twice more will put you into the SOC questions.

If the SOC has changed from the last visit, you must change it on the Demographics page. Use the "Modify Patient " button on the Patient Data screen return and save the new info. We hope the patient has taken responsibility and changed their behavior positively. This is reinforcing for the patient and helps the report menu.

Next we can calculate the Suppression and Obstruction to Cure Index, which can tell us the amount of available life force the patient has to recover from their disease. The computer screen has several questions on their medical history. Such as organs removed, drugs taken etc. Click onto the first edit box after the organs removed question. A no entry is equivalent to a zero. You can tab from one box to another and enter only a number. If you make a mistake and backspace the computer will give an error message.

To avoid this enter the correct number after the mistake and then click in front of the correct number and backspace to remove the mistake. This will assure that there is always a number in the box once a number is inserted.

There is an impairment rating system in the report. Input any amutations, or other impairments into the report.

For body fat percentage we need to input some antropromorphic data. Height, weight, abdomen and thigh circumference are essential. Also fat layer thickness on abdomen, and under arm triceps area are helpful. This data and the electrical harness data will allow a fat percentage rating.

If the patient is pregnant the click the pregnant box. This will allow testing of the baby in the test screen.



This file allows you to start a new patient report or to find an old patients demographics file. The demographics file you have saved on a patient can be retrieved with this screen.

After you have inputted the patient name, sex, and Suppression and Obstruction to Cure (SOC Index) in the Demographics file, you can add additional information such as birth date, address, phone, etc. on this screen.

If the patient you are working on is new then go to the start new file after pulling down from

the File access. Then insert the birth date in the same fashion as the date is presented. You must use the date format that your Windows uses. This is different in Europe from America. Then insert any other information you want on the insert edit boxes. When you are through with entering data then save the file by clicking the 'Save Current ' button. If you wish to exit without saving click the 'Cancel' button.

If you want to get an old patient demographic file the click the 'Load Old patient' button. Use Modify to change old data especially the SOC index.

This will allow you to search the hard drive for an old record. The scroll bars allow you to view the records.

When done use close to exit.

To enter data for medical astrology, go to the Birth Time and Place label on top of the screen. Enter the screen, then insert the birth time as best you can in nautical time. 4:00 PM = 1600. then the Geography button will allow you access the maps of the world. Double click on the approximate place of birth. The results are seen on the Biorhythm screen. This is a Synopsis of medical astrology results, these are general risks throughout life.



It must be apparent that true wellness is not just lack of symptoms. Wellness has more to do with oxygenation, attitude, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, balance and others. Many patients think that wellness is freedom from symptoms. This is an allopathic major misconception. With this in mind this wellness test was designed to measure our wellness and to give us a method of observing our limitations. We can then change and improve our wellness.

First we can measure the blood pressure. Blood pressure is not the same throughout the body. Several diseases or disorders can create imbalances in the flow or pressure of the flow. The computer is programmed to give us warnings on a report screen if there are such diseases. Simply use a large blood pressure cuff to measure both of the arms and legs. We then measure the standing pressure within 2 sec. of standing from a sitting position. We only need to input the systolic reading on standing.

Next we measure the strength of the patient. How many push-ups, chin-ups, leg-lifts, toe raises are measured in the time limits outlined by the computer. The standup while holding your breath is accomplished by first telling the patient to relax sitting in a chair.

They will then hold a normal (not forced) breath. While holding the breath the patient will stand up and sit down as many times as they can. When the brain can no longer deal with the aerobic loss the patient will quit. The counts of the times they can stand up tells us the anaerobic capacity of the brain. The computer will give us a ranking in the report.

The cardiovascular challenge is a variation of the Harvard Step test. Here we must get the base line heart rate and respirations per minute. Measure for 10 sec and multiply by 6. Then the patient undertakes a met of exercise (heavy exercise) for two minutes. Then we take the heart rate and respirations per min immediately. Then we wait one minute and remeasure to get a cool down measure. These calculations will give us an expert insight into the cardiovascular strength of our patient.

Next is the balance beam test. Here we use an eight foot two by four, where the patient first walks across the board. Then the patient walks backwards, next the patient tries the same two maneuvers with a blind fold. We record the best performance.

Next we measure the self rating of the patient. The patient rates themselves in several areas. Such as ability to be still, relax, stress, all around health. We use 10 being extreme and 0 being no ability and the patient rates themselves.

Next we measure the flexibility of the patient with measures of multiple areas of flexibility. The low back flex is measured by sitting on the floor extend legs. Reach as far as you can towards the heels with both hands. If you can place the two extended fingers at the heels then record zero. If you can go past the heels then record each inch past the heels. If you can not get to the heels then record the number of inches as negative numbers. The side to side measure is performed while on the knees you reach to the side if you can place the palm of the hand on the floor then score 100%.

If you can reach the first knuckle score 75%, second knuckle 50%, only the tip of the fingers 25%. The rotation score is 100% if you can twist to the side far enough to get your shoulders at 180 degrees to your hips. If the patient can not perform this difficult feat then rate the attempt in percent.

The neck flexibility is a rating of how far towards the shoulders you can extend your ears, if you can touch the ear to the shoulder rate 100%. if not rate the attempt.

Last we use anthropomorphic measures such as height, weight, waist diameter, thigh diameter. The fat thickness is a measure of the adipose tissue around the abdomen and the under the arm in the triceps. The waist to thigh ratio was found to be the most significant bit of data for estimating the risk of heart attack. This and other calculations are performed in the computer and generated into an easy report. Wellness is not just freedom from symptoms. It is much more. Just this philosophy can be healing. Good luck if you need more info get the wellness book.



This program contains several programs designed to induce stress reduction and unconscious awareness of the body. The stress reduction button will start a series of relaxing images to provide a stress reducing environment.

There are guided imagery programs under the Relaxation Methods. Once selected these imagery programs will appear at the top of the screen when you click the Start Biofeedback button. This activates the system and the energetic results are displayed on the chart. On the yellow panel are relaxation numbers that indicate harmonic relaxation. Tell the patient to try to reduce these numbers.

Also there is a program for you to input your own suggestions. The custom program gives access to a panel where you can input your own suggestions and when you play the biofeedback the suggestions will be played on the signal and appear on top of the screen. Also there is a coupling hypnosis program to join this function.

The ENERGYSCAN QXCI system measures over 55 functions every centisec. Showing these numbers could be over reductionistic, this is what normal traditional biofeedback does. Our idea of biofeedback differs. The goal is to help the patient. Conscious awareness might not be needed for it is most often over reductionistic and thereby not holistic. Rather we use an unconscious biofeedback system where we interact with the unconscious not the conscious to give the patient natural control.

There is a biofeedback game using two colored balls. If the harness is on then click the turn on game balls button and enter any of the above programs. The balls will move to the left as the patient's unconscious reduces harmonic stress. To turn of the game effect use the turn off game balls button.

Under the Biofeedback name on top of the page is also a list of other therapies. These are for a variety of issues. There is a series of treatments for the Oriental Medical concerns of excess cold, heat, wind, dryness, and dampness. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI will treat these

deficiencies while the screen will show a multimedia program and image. The patient should sit in front of the screen for as long as you want to treat. To stop the program click on the image. Under the EYE Program there are several programs for stimulating the eyes. The button for near sighted and far sighted will produce effect for relaxing the muscles involved in this disease. The relax vision is a slow program for vision relaxation. The Eye Stimulation program will develop a 3d effect and generate a small yellow circle that appears all over the screen. The patient should gently stare at the center of the image while following the yellow image with their peripheral vision. This will relax and stimulate the eye.

The Third Eye, Stimulate Intelligence and the Stimulate Psychic Abilities functions are meant to stimulate the pineal, the occipital lobe visual cortex and the right hemisphere. There are two similar images of a man holding a panel. Cross your eyes till you see three images and gently stare at the center one. The center one is a combination of the two. Try to read the messages in the screen or look at the picture. These therapies have great effects and should be used for no longer than ten minutes. These therapies can help the doctor relax between patients. To stop them use "alt / e " then use the "Stop eye program" button.



A new component has been added to the ENERGYSCAN QXCI family. This is a sophisticated microphone that does not have a membrane. The skin of the patient becomes the membrane and thereby increases the function of the device by providing a biological membrane component to the microphone. The computer software then can filter aberrant noise and display the heart sounds on the screen. Royal Lee used a similar device to assess the nutritional needs of his patients. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device is a similar but much more efficient device than the one used by Dr Lee. This was originally called an echocardiogram. This term was developed for the ultrasound Doppler device that sends sound energy into the body and then interrupts the reflection or Echo. Since our device is totally safe and sends in no energy, Echo does not apply.

The Latin name for hearing is auscalt, from which we get auscultation. So we have decided to call our device the AUSCULTCARDIOGRAM.

The Settings function on the top of the menu will allow you to select the proper com port setting for your serial port. Try the com ports till you get the proper one. The computer will save your last selection, so you only have to choose it once.

To learn about interpreting the readout there is a text on auscultation that can be procured by hitting the Auscultation line under the Information heading. There are many heart sounds that reflect disease states. The sounds come from the mechanical action of the heart valves. An ECG reflects the electrical nature of the heartbeat. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI allows you to do both so you can see the electrical nature of the beat while studying the mechanical nature the heart sounds.

The Auscultation system requires a separate device that attaches to the serial port of your computer. Since the regular system attaches to the parallel port the two can operate simultaneously. The device has a microphone, which is about 2.5 inches in diameter. There is a velcro belt provided that holds the microphone in place. There is a pressure sensor that can measure respirations in a normal patient and muscle contraction in the pregnant patient.

Put the microphone over the chest of the normal patient and over the abdomen of the pregnant patient. Make sure the rubber seal around the edge is all in contact with the skin. Plug in the power supplies (9volt dc). Turn on the switch and raise the volume till you hear the heart beat clearly. Enter the ENERGYSCAN QXCI software go to the test screen and under programs you will find the auscultation access.

The Start 1 button will let you see the heart beat of the patient or the mother. The Start 2 button will show the baby's heart beat.

The freeze button will freeze the last several hearts beats over the last five seconds. Then you can study and compare the pattern to other patterns revealed in the auscultation text.

The ECG access is under the Recording on the top menu. The harness needs to be inplace to activate this three pole ECG. The test takes one minute and the results of the analysis will appear on the panel. You can lower the panel to observe both at the same time. After reading the books on cardiology and the books on auscultation you will develop the ability to analyse the cardiology of your patients.



The birth of your baby is the most important event in a person's life. So there is a major amount of stress and concern about the baby's safety. There is about one chance in a hundred of an antepartum accident that can threaten the life of the baby. The need for a monitoring device is crucial and many lives can be saved.

The device most used presently is the ultrasound device. This device puts a harsh sound vibration into the womb and the returning sound pattern is sorted into a physical picture of the baby. New evidence has shown that possibly this harsh sound is not safe. These harsh vibrations can disturb the developing auditory system or effect other neurological development. The more ultrasounds given, the greater the chance of deafness, learning disorders, attention deficit, and neurological lesions. So there is a need for a safer fetal monitoring device to test the fetus condition. ENERGYSCAN QXCI has seen this need and has developed the newest QX system the FETAPHONE QX.

Fetal heart rate monitoring is the most frequently utilised diagnostic method for assessment of fetal status. The cardiotocography (CTG or joint measurement of fetal heart rate with contraction activity) was introduced into clinical practice over thirty years ago. During a CTG the fetal heart rate is analysed with the contraction activity and mothers awareness of movement. During an active invasive ultrasound check a harsh beams of sound reflected from the fetal heart. The QX device is a passive system that only filters out the natural sounds of the fetal heart. No destructive energy is used. The natural sounds and pressures of the womb and the mother's heart are monitored.



The new QX fetal monitor uses a patented skin membrane microphone with sophisticated computerised mathematical analysis. This is a much safer way to monitor the baby.

Along with this is another substantial benefit. Royal Lee in America developed an improved a device that could analyse nutritional deficits from heart sounds. This device could tell many factors of nutrition from studying the heart sounds. With this new QX device the nutritional status of the baby and the mother can also be analysed. The computer can give us advice on the oxygen transport of the placenta and a host of other analysis factors. Non-invasive safety and computerised complex analysis in one.

The computer also allows for data transmission by fax modem. The afford ability and portability of this system means that a mother anywhere in the world can monitor the fetus and in minutes have the data analysed for risks.

The FETAPHON QX has been rigorously tested in hospitals in Hungary and has been registered with the Hungarian government as safe and effective for medical use. The system can be legally imported for patient use in America, Europe, Japan and elsewhere.

The system operates in DOS or Windows on a 486 or better. The system operates from a serial port contact and thus can be used simultaneously with the ENERGYSCAN QXCI Biofeedback Tens XRROID device. This system comes with two abdomen probes. One for sound and one for pressure. A third click device is given to the mother to click when she feels the baby move. Since we also measure the abdomen pressure we can see when the baby moves. If the mother is constantly unaware of the baby moving it tells us of another problem.

When there is an increase in abdominal pressure, there should be an increase in the fetal heart rate. If true then this implies that there is adequate placenta oxygen transfer. If there is a decrease in heart rate as pressure increases or when the fetus moves, then there is a major problem that needs immediate attention or a catastrophe could occur. This is the major need for a fetal monitor. Thus this system can prevent intrauterine fetal death, spontaneous abortion, or preterm labor.

It is important to monitor the mother once a week in the final trimester of the pregnancy. This can minimise the need for ultrasound and maximise safety.

The heart rhythm analysis can reveal nutritional deficiencies or excess of magnesium, potassium, calcium, fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, and others. By analysing the mother the comparison can reveal nutritional needs, improper absorption or membrane transport.

A fast FOURIER analysis of the heart rate can reveal the love versus frustration index of mother and baby. This research comes from the work of Glen Rein and others. A sample diagram is included in the copy of this report.

The FETAPHONE QX system costs $3,500 USD (1998 price). Insurance in America will pay as much as $150 USD for one twenty minutes scan. This makes the system safe effective and affordable and minimises the need for ultrasound challenge.



Here the computer will develop a handshake with the patient to maximize the reactivity scores. The computer will measure the trivector reactions of the patient to establish a link to the patient with resistance, voltage, and amperage. This is a connection for conductance, capacitance, and inductance for magnetic, static, and resistance link up.

The computer will adjust reaction timing, frequency interaction, and the trivector interaction. This handshake allows for the Autofocus capacities of this medical device. The 'Virtual All' button will disable the electrical harness and enable virtual subspace link. The 'Electrical Test Reset' will turn back on the harness.

To check for geopathic stress in the room, click the "Computer Risk Field Neutral" button. Then you can enable or disable the risk field of your CPU. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) of any computer operates with a variety of electromagnetic signals. The CPU sends out a wide variety of electromagnetic waves. Many of these waves are harmful to you and your family. The neutralization program will develop a neutralization of the harmful waves while not disturbing your computer.

The device can also develop a subspace protection in your CPU as well. Also we can use the CPU to produce a constant Schuman type wave to surround the computer with a three to four foot area of a health stimulating Bio-field.

There is a natural Low Frequency Field that permeates the world. This has been called the Schuman field after its discoverer. This field seems to be stimulating to health of organisms like humans. By using the computer to develop this waveform of ELF nature, we can stimulate the health of the user of this computer and the patient being treated. Sensitive people can feel this field and it's effects.

Thus this computer can produce a ELF health field from it's CPU, a healing sound and magnetic treatment from the CD, and 8 different energetic treatments from the harness.

Resulting in over 12 different treatments locked in a cybernetic loop for autofocus treatments of the patients. The finest technology in energetic medicine is at you disposal.

The operation of this field generator might be too complicated for some slow computers or computers with CPU defects. If the operation of the field generator interferes with your program click the 'Deactivate Schuman' box in Calibrate screen. Then the system will not operate until 'Activate Schuman' is clicked, after which the Schuman field will turn on automatically, until 'Deactivate' is clicked.

To initiate the calibration handshake click on the resistance click button or strike the 'R' key. The computer must leave windows by interrupting it and the testing takes place in assembly language. This interrupt is small in duration [approximately 8 seconds]. By using the down arrow you can move to the next three tests. These four tests must be done to proceed.

The computer will now advice as to the success of the calibration. If successful the resistance words will appear in red. If unsuccessful, then click on the capacitance button.

Then return to the resistance if it is not in red. The interrupt will occur after each test for some seconds till the calibration is complete. Proceed to the magnetic calibration next and click onto it. If the resistance is still not red then try again now.

The patient's relaxation determines the resistance calibration, so progressive relaxation can improve the calibration. Then click the Total integration switch. The computer can now detect some polarity irregularities and will reveal them in the upper panel. These geopathic stress patterns can be corrected temporarily by using the 'Correct Geopathic Anomalies' button that appears after Adjust Calibration. This procedure will necessitate activating the Start button 3 or 4 times.

If all attempts have failed for calibration then click on the search and clear anomalies button. A search cartoon reflects the computer searching and clearing the electrical pattern anomalies and deepening the handshake. The computer will try to correct all of the problems and estimate the percentage of calibration. If the percentage is below 85% then click on the Adjustment button for forced calibration. The test will have to be done in the next 10 min. The calibration handshake is now complete. Exit the calibration with close. This returns us to the main menu. Now the Test button is enabled.

Click it. At times the program will warn you about the harness not being properly attached.

Just click 'OK' or enter if all is well. After clicking on the Searching and Adjustment buttons you will be given a button to fix all geopathic stress. Click and follow instructions. Be sure to watch all label instructions. Sometimes they will tell you to recalculate. Sometimes the system will not be able to calibrate and then your test results will be unreliable but you can still do therapy. If there is difficulty in the calibration just repeat the process; hit 'R' then down arrows. The Trivector pattern is comprised of the three major co-factors of all Electromagnetic phenomena. These are the amps, volts, and resistance. or conductance, capacitance, and inductance. Together they make a factor known as reactance. Electro Physiological Reactance (EPR) is a measurable factor in medicine that can indicate many aspects of the quality of a patients' health. The fact that EPR happens at the ionic rate means that our EPR test can be done at centisec speeds. Only a computer can calculate the vast quantities of information. In the calibration process of our EPR test, We test the EPR of the patient to 20 samples of low reactive distilled water and samples of toxic sugar and insecticide the highest known reactive substance known. If the patient reacts to the toxic reactive materials significantly then the test can proceed. If the reactance is not significant then the computer will alter the test time or sensitivity till the calibration test is shown to be significant. Then the test can proceed. During the large Xrroid test over 65,000,000 bits of data are developed and analyzed. This is far beyond human abilities to calculate quickly and it would take too much graphic space to display it. But the end results of the reactance matrix processed during the Calibration test is worth displaying for your visual satisfaction. So contained on the Mathematics button are two screens that display the end results of 1.75 million bits of data done in the Calibration of this patient.

In the 'Computer Risk Field Neutralization' panel we can check the room for geopathic stress, clear it, or check our CPU. We can generate neutralizing fields with our CPU to correct geopathic stress or convert our computer to send out a Schulman wave. The Central Processing Unit or CPU of your computer emits some harmful electromagnetic radiation EMR. These radiations can weaken the body. This program will sense these frequencies patterns and nullify them with inverse patterns thus producing a null field without interfering with your computer operations in any fashion.

To activate this permanently simply access this panel in the Calibration screen. It will then activate the system whenever you enter CLASP and remain on till you turn off your computer. You need only activate the program once. A recalibration process is used on every operation to continue to keep a proper calibration mode.



The "Prepare test" button allows for computer calibration. Click 't' to start. It is best to proceed with the test as soon as entering. Push the 't' key or click on the Test button once. Tell the patient to be still but not stiff. They should not talk or move and be in the same position and state of mind. The interrupt for testing will test over 6,000 items at approximately one hundredths of a second each, with a pause in between testing. There will be a click during the test and a gong at the end. If you are sensitive to noises then use your sound access on your windows system to mute the sounds. If the patient is pregnant you can test the baby by going to the treatment button on top then to the test baby button. This can activate a filter for measuring the baby reaction patterns. If the computer can not properly filter the signals for a very young fetus it will tell you. For the fetus less than 2 month there is sometimes difficulty.

Windows does not operate in real time. So to measure our patient's reactivity we will need to interrupt Windows. The mouse will not work during this interrupt. The computer shifts to assembly language and then completes the test or therapy and when it returns it brings the data into windows for us to review. The total time of the test should be under 2 minutes. The interrupt will stop and the mathematical calculation will start, taking about 5 to 20 seconds. During the calculation the patient can talk and move. A warning of windows interrupt panel appears. There is pertinent info on your patient in the panel. The SOC index is in the upper left side, on the lower part there is the voltage, amperage, resistance, oxidation and hydration scores. These scores reflect results from the demographics and calibration screens. Now we can start our analysis of the patient.

Xrroid is a trademarked word for rapid testing of thousands of substances in the test kit on your harness to the electrophysiological reactivity of the patient. There are over twelve real and thirty-three virtual for fifty-five total measures of reactance variables performed on each substance. Since the reaction is an ionic reactance the test reaction take place in small time intervals allowing for the rapid test procedure called the XRROID.

The lowest scores will now appear on the top. The highest reaction score on the top. The scores on the first screen are somewhat significant, look at them. But the most significant scores are the highest ones. To see the highest scores click on the arrow pointing to the right above the scores matrix. This takes you to the high scores. The higher the number the higher the reaction, scores above 95 are significant. The computer will shade the significant numbers in purple or red. This is not an absolute but the best mathematical estimate. The red scores are three standard deviations from the mean, purple are two SD from the mean, yellow, one. The blue scores are in order of reactivity.



This checks the reactance response of the patient to an item with multiple channels and multiple vectors. If the patient develops a headache or pain response terminate use. Individual Reaction Test just one item whatever is marked. This function has been improved over the past and can also turn on an EMG, EEG, or EPR function. Since we know the proper vibration levels of the muscle we can work a EMG or other with out reconnecting the harness. The computer also rates the coherence of the waveform connection. A long list of reaction scores is now shown but this is still only one thousandth or less of the total mathematics used. This is not meant to confuse but should improve your analysis of the reactivity. This program now is improved and compensates for entropic variance. There is still a massive amount of mathematics used, like it takes many signals to make a TV picture which we reductionistically call a tree.

This program takes many signals to get a reactance. Some of the electrical vectors are shown in the first 18 values.

The total reactance value is the old reductionistic value; it shows the total reactance.

The Allergic reactance shows how much of a allergic (not negative or toxic) reaction.

The difference can show the allergic tendency if low or nutritional need if high.

The resonance will show the long term need for an item, if it is high or the patient resonates to the item. The coherence will show how close the waveform returns to its primary form in the body. High coherence will help to confirm nutritional need or the body wants it.

The Fourier chaos harmonic is just a number relating to adaptation response to EPR testing.

The accuracy number is a mathematical rating of the quality of the signal. Numbers below 33% should be retested. When the EMG, or EPR, or EEG options are visible the computer will harmonically allow testing in this fashion to test for muscle, nerve, or other sarcode quality. If the sarcode number is high then the organ tissue in question is most likely healthy but stressed from an outer stress. Low numbers mean a high chance of disturbed or unhealthy tissue.

How much energy is in the tissue is also revealed. Numbers here should be 75. Larger indicate too much energy, below 50 too little.

So there is a more complex individual reaction but please minimize its use, Your job is to help the patient not to test the device. Get to the point and help the patient as quickly as possible without over treating them.



Royal Lee in America developed Standard Process remedies. He was a nutritional genius. He developed and worked with an echocardiograph. This device was able to listen to the heart beat sounds. From the nature of the sounds we could diagnose many nutritional and mineral deficiencies. We could also find heart disorders.

We have programmed our ENERGYSCAN QXCI device with the same capacities. The echocardiograph function can focus on the patient heartbeat and automatically get us a reading. The device is so sophisticated as to be able to sort out the mother's heartbeat from the baby's. The system is then a registered fetal monitor. It listens to the baby's heartbeat and senses contractions and then is able to tell us many risk factors of the baby.

This exciting new function can also tell us of the compatibility of mother and unborn child. It is used in hospitals here in Hungary.



The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device can interface with the unconscious of the patient and thus the non-verbal patient can also be tested. Yes pets can be treated. So many users have told us of tremendous results with animals, so we decided to help with this by allowing you to input a species choice. This will notify the computer of the species and allow for the system to adapt to the patient better.

The data entry point is found on the Demographics screen under Animal Input. .



The graph here is a variation of the Bioenergetic Scan combined with the Vincents' oxidation vs. pH screen. There are two types of shapes, the circle is today's results, the square is the results of the last treatment. In the black shape we see the Integrated BIORESONANCE Score: Here we can see the improvement or degradation of our therapy from the last visit. Movement to the left shows detoxification and regeneration. Movement to the right shows intoxication and degeneration. Movement up shows blockage and stress, movement down shows degeneration and metabolic error.



The Homeopathic Activation button is also on the main menu. This program is designed for homeopathic treatment and reportization. The patient name you put in the demographics screen will be active unless you insert a new name in the name entry on the top of the activation screen. This is for emergency treatments that are sometimes are needed during another therapy session. You must remove the name of the emergency patient to return to the regular patient. As you enter the activation screen the cursor is alive in the homeopathic input. You can start typing the homeopathic treatment now. If you are unsure then a repertory is provided. Click on the short repertory and several screens with questions appear. Click the box in front of the questions you wish to answer yes, and click on the question for those you are unsure of. Leave alone those that are not pertinent. At the top of each screen is a ready or close button that brings up the next screen of questions. At the last of these four screens is a calculate button that activates the calculation. After clicking the calculate button another panel appears with the estimated homeopathic values. The highest value is the most appropriate remedy. Then you can return to the activation screen and input the remedy. You can put as many remedies as you wish but put a double space between each new remedy. If no potency is listed the computer will treat with all relevant potencies. To specify a potency put the value in parentheses after the remedy such as belladonna (30x). If you hit the Load Program button you will load all of the items you have double clicked on in the test screen. Homeopathic I Ching Hints are useful if you're stuck on a case. By clicking the button you activate at the computer to use the subspace interlink to provide some hint on the case. Please do not abuse the advice, be smart enough to get it the first time. To start the treatment click on the start button. The computer interrupts the trivector treatment is activated, and the subspace transfer starts. The Computer can activate the treatment through the harness, the duplication probe (light output or banana plug on the harness, through subspace, or through all of the above. The upper right box allows you to chose. The best choice is the default choice of Activate All. The computer will estimate the effectiveness of the treatment. Keep treating till the effectiveness is 100%. To reset the % of effectiveness click on the reset button. Multiple items can be put into the edit screen and then tested for response by striking the test button at the bottom. The results of the reactivity test will appear on the bottom gauge. Click the close button to return to the main menu.



Any item added to the report with the double click will be added together for treatment.

A new set of homeopathic remedies of over two thousand has been added with the rates for each. They are tested in the big test and added to the remedy list and can be viewed by clicking the load Homeopathic Remedy list. There is a repertory report access, which can improve the retesting of remedies. This program will look for an electrical compatibility to classic repertory symptoms. Input the sensations into the edit boxes. Try not to lead the patient, ask for patient responses to the questions in the edit boxes. Get the answers in simple terms and type them into the boxes in English. Ask a question like please tell me what sensations you feel in the head.



This program will search the patient's reaction to potencies of a single homeopathic. First make sure he patient name is in the top edit panel. type in the name of the homeopathic to be tested. Start the scan. The scan will take from 1 minute to five minutes.

The primary reaction or peak reaction will be displayed in the spin edit boxes. There are many other reaction that are significant. These are the harmonics of the main potency. To treat and check this potency click the 'treat' button.



This will allow you to make a remedy from the test tray. Put the item on the tray and click this button after loaded take the item off and the put the item to be energized on the tray, and then click start. The item energized will have the energy added to it of the item in the tray. This works equivalent to the Mora Bicom and best listen phasix and other devices. In fact it seems to work better.



This program will look for an electrical compatibility to classic repertory symptoms. Input the sensations into the edit boxes. Try not to lead the patient, ask for patient responses to the questions in the edit boxes. Get the answers in simple terms and type them into the boxes in English. Ask a question like please tell me what sensations you feel in the head.

DO NOT ASK is there a pain in your head? Or any direct reference to a possible symptom. If the answer is that the area is normal then type normal. If the only answer is I am not sure then ask for the immediate or present sensations. If the patient can not talk or converse to you type N/A (for not applicable) into the edit boxes or leave all untouched. You can type 256 characters in each box.

After completion Click the Load button then click the Scan button on the next panel. The computer will now scan the electrical and repertory compatibility in the homeopathic matrix. The top items will have values above 400 and appear at the bottom of the grid. Most patient are sick because they can not properly feel, express, or understand their own sensations. Patients often lie, twist or cover up some data when asked to verbally describe their sensations. The verbal area of the brain is very small and is restricted in access to the rest of the body. This makes verbal interactions weak in their ability to get to the truth of the patient's health. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device interacts with the unconscious for a deeper and truer picture. The device will now look for compatibility and allow the unconscious of the patient to chose homeopathics for their own body.






Automatically stimulates the acupuncture meridians and tries to adjust them with frequency adjustment techniques. To use the SEG quadrant test remove the Head harness and click the button, The ankle and wrist harness must be on. The scores displayed are for the Overal quadrant freq, the computer adjustment, the muscle freq of the quad and finally the risk of foci numbers of the quadrant. to treat click the treat button and the five minute therapy will start. Click the check quadrants to recheck. Look for acupoints in the quadrant to fully treat.

Auto Freq

Automatically treats with Rife frequencies the organs and the polarity disturbances of the patient.

Auto Color

Automatically treats the patient with color therapy and finally chooses the best healing color for the patient.

Auto Trivector

Automatically filters like the Bicom and Mora devices but with this cybernetic interface this system can adjust the treatment program to the best treatment capacities for maximum results. Double click on the book for DNA therapy.


Treats the Chakras of the patient. This program can only be seen with the Autocolor screen activated. This system can develop maximum voltage be careful with this program.

Allergy Treatment

This program is not fully automatic it needs the therapist to provide the allergen and the action of the allergen. This program is on the AutoMeridian screen.

Mental NLP

This program allows for energetic reprogramming of mental energy follow the directions and insert the answers in the edit boxes. The device can detect personality superimposition and will alert if present. The Warning panel will allow for correction of the superimposition of personalities if detected.


This program allows for energetic correction and detection of energetic imbalances in the spinal vertebrae. Follow instructions on screen. Sarcode, chackra, and organ reactivity is also revealed Double click on any sarcode to treat it. An Allersode test of allergy families is also provided. Difficult and reapearing concerns will need more correction and sometimes show miasmatic or inherited tendencies.


This program reveals Homotoxicology disturbances, Xenobiotics, Miasms, and mental reactions. The mental screen also has a lie detector. Click detect and talk to the patient for 15 to 20 sec. Click the detect button and if the device has a reaction over 50% if a possible lie has occurred during the challenge. On the mental screen there is also a fast Fourier transform of the heart rhythm. This can reveal the ratio of love to frustration. The patient should relax and concentrate on love feelings. In the Homotoxicology screen we can test specific organs for xenobiotics or nosodes. This screen allows for a brief glimpse of the key notes or polycrests of German Homotoxicology There are info panels on Isodes, Nosodes, Miasms, Mental factors.


This screen allows glimpses of nutritional disturbances and classical Homeopathy

Auto Frequency Modulation

This screen offers us the functions of EEG, ECG, trivector, Subspace transform, organ systems, autonomic nerval tests, and others. On the Organ systems Panel is the Adipose treatment program which has been researched in France to break up Fat tissue.

ECG Under the ECG panel we can analyze the ECG for several risk factors, there is now a treat button that will allow you to stabilize the heart beat. The frequency abalation button will apply frequencies that can stabilize the heart beat of certain cardiac risks this button should not be used unless you are trained to do so.


Will activate a program that will attempt electrical repair of any energetic terrain disturbance detected in the test screen. You can only use the button once. The same is activated with other programs so you can repeat.




This program will help you to convert data for storage. It also has access to our statistical program. The Confidential Statistical Science (CSS) program is designed to help us at Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd. to develop a constantly updating database. When you put data onto a floppy disc a confidential record of your test and the disease type is recorded.

When you have filled the floppy send the disk to us and we will add the data to our database. This will allow us to analyse more and more data to develop better and better ways of helping you and your patients. As we get results we will send you updates. All data is confidential to you and patient. There is also access to some games for you to play if you do not want to leave the program while waiting for a patient.



These therapies are designed for specific types of disease states. Specific therapy suggestions from Rife, Tesla, Voll, Morell, EnergyScan etc are used for specific therapeutic regiems. Therapies for the following:

In music therapy:

Start Degeneration Treatment

Start Injured Tissue Treatment

Start Adipose Dissolve Treatment

Start Metabolic Repair

Start Auto Hormonal Treatment

Start Auto Neurological Repair

Start Auto Psych Treatment

Start Auto Pain Treatment

Start Relaxation and Sleep Treatment

Start Auto Digestive System Therapy

Start Auto "feel good" therapy

Reverse Lines and Skin Aging

Sport Program - Oxygenation Stim

Sport Program - Muscle Building

Sport Program - Flexibility Stim

Sport Program - Coordination Stim

Overall Immune Stimulation

Cancer Virus Destruct

Start Cancer Therapy Must be done after degeneration treatment


In the Sarcode panel of Organic destruction:

Circulation Stimulation

Congested Lymph Stim

Sluggish Liver Stim

Adrenal dysfunction Stim

Thyroid dysfunction Stim

Sex System Stim

Digestive Stim

Connective tissue Stim

Skin healing pulse

Nerval pulse Stim

Heart Stabilizer

Memory Stim

Metabolic Stim

Immune Stim

Brain Stim

Healthy Baby

Kidney Stim + Tone

Muscle Tone

Bone Stim

Intestinal Stim

So we can see a wide variety of therapies for specific diseases. Energetic medicine has a future in medicine.

The hardest thing for the new user to accept is when the unconscious of the patient disagrees with the conscious of the therapist. In the beginning therapists sometimes make up their minds rather quickly. This device measures the unconscious of the patient. As therapists use it they agree that the device is a dramatic help in accuracy. Some insecure therapists are easily threatened. After thirty patients let me know what you think.

There is tremendous complexity in the human body. There are over 1000trillion cells in the human body each doing over 10 million functions. There are over 50 trillion bacteria, fungi, mites, worms, rickettsia and viruses in the healthy human body at any time. We are breathing air that was once breathed

by Aristotle, or Julius Ceaser. We are eating protein containing atoms that once were perhaps parts of our ancient ancestors. There is a cycle of life as we metabolize and excrete. We are all interwoven in a complex repetitive cycle.

At any one time there are over 100 million bits of data reaching the human brain. This would over whelm the conscious reductionistic verbal mind. There is a constant barrage of new bacteria, virus, and other microscopic entities contacting our bodies everyday. There is a constant tirade of toxins contacting us as well from the chemical sewer we have made of our planet. There is no way to avoid this, and most importantly there is no way to be aware of this. We only become aware when we have a gross reaction such as a alarm reaction, and then we are never really sure of what provoked the alarm.

Our unconscious is monitoring the complete complexity of our life experience, and it is remembering the total history of our past experience. The conscious or verbal part of the Brain is but one tiny part, which experiences less than one percent of one percent of one per cent of one percent of all of our exposures and experiences. The conscious is isolated from true memory, it rationalises the reactions, and in short


The ENERGYSCAN QXCI offers an interface to the unconsciousness.

The conscious verbal mind even in the most aware of us has very little idea of the totality of exposure to toxins, microorganisms, emotions, smells, phrenomes, stressors, etc. The conscious verbal mind tries to understand and in trying often rationalises and struggles with the communications of the unconscious.

When they see the ENERGYSCAN QXCI display of their unconscious reactivity, they react with disbelief and argue that the device must be wrong, the hard drive must be broke. In some cases the reaction can be quite extreme. This indicates a disconnection of the conscious - unconscious link. We will need to work to establish the link, there might be an investment keeping the link inactive. The greater the investment the greater the reaction.

There is no way to completely understand the unconscious reactions. And there is also some computer error. As such we should do our best to help the patient to increase awareness.

Awareness Medicine and energetic autofocus therapy are the future of medicine. Awareness medicine is designed to increase the conscious and unconscious bond, while dealing with responsibility issues.

The incredible complexity of the human experience, and the interaction of a complex environment, dictate a computer system to deal with the vast quantity of data. If we expose one thousand people to a small amount of a toxin like mercury for example, the usual detox of the body should be able to deal with it. But in one case the toxin might be lodged in the wrong place and do damage to an enzyme pathway and disrupt metabolism or immune function. The cause of the disease is mercury, but statistically it would be hard to understand. Statistics can not be used to understand life. There is an extremely small chance of being hit by a bullet in today's life. But it still happens and causes disease.

Our society discourages emotional displays and we are taught to bury and push our unconscious feeling deep. School children will terrorise other children who show their unconscious emotions. A side from the complexity of experience we learn other ways to ignore our unconscious. The workings of karma are mysterious.

Medicine must learn to deal with the complexity not the reductionism. In the Demographics screen there is a program for acupuncture diagnosis. Here the therapist will answer questions about the patient. One page of these questions is about the pulse diagnosis. These questions take some skill to master. For those who have the skill use the program, if not then practice until you can get some help. The results of this inventory of data are presented on the therapy screen on the acupuncture screen. There is a button for acu data that allows calculation of the results.



It is customary to examine the pulse first at the wrist, and to consider it in terms of speed, rhythm, tension, amplitude, and quality; at the same time it is convenient to note the state of the arterial wall. Whilst speed and rhythm may be checked by auscultation of the heart, and tension by sphygmomanometer, the quality and amplitude of the pulse wave can only be analyzed in peripheral vessels, and are features of great diagnostic importance. There is a Chinese protocol for pulse diagnosis which should be known by all medical practitioners as well. This will allow for pulse diagnosis and organ system screening as well.

There are many places of pulse diagnosis in the Chinese system, but for now we will discuss the lung channel pulse on the wrist and then discuss the normal medical pulse taking. It takes lots of practice to develop a good technique of pulse diagnosis. To get to know the pulse the doctor and patient should both be relaxed. This is an intimate

communication that needs to be taken seriously to be best. The patient should face the doctor and the hands not should be above the heart. Three fingers are used for three positions. There is a difference between left and right.


Left hand rear.................. Kidney Yin

Left hand median............. Liver

Left hand front................. Heart

Right hand rear............... Kidney Yang

Right hand median.......... Spleen

Right hand front.............. Lungs


Pay attention to the following qualities: Pace, depth, length, strength, quality An expecting mothers pulse can be insightful. If stronger on the right the baby will be a girl. If stronger on the left it will be a boy.

Floating pulse is felt with very soft pressure but fades with greater pressure.

This is usual for colds , flu, and chills mostly effecting the lung meridian. A weak person with a cold may not have a pulse.

Submerged pulse means that hard pressure is needed for detection of the pulse. This means that the disease has progressed deep in the patient.

There should be about four beats per respiration cycle. (In breath and out breath) Athletes can be slower, children faster.

Slow pulse of three or less per cycle indicate Cold or deficient Yang. Loose bowels, cold, poor circulation, white fur on tongue.

Quick pulse of six or more per cycle signifies excess Heat or deficient Yin involved with fever, rash, thirst.

Long pulse means that it is felt with all three fingers. This is usually related to excess Heat in the Blood. The disease is advanced mostly fevers and irritability. If healthy it can mean a healthy heart of a robust constitution.

Short pulse is only felt in the medial finger or one finger at a time. This implies deficiency of Blood and Chi(Qi). Pale anaemia, fatigue, excess sleep are found.

Weak pulse signifies deficient Chi (Qi) or Blood. Or in the organ connected to the point of detection.

Strong pulse is either a healthy patient or excess Chi.

Slippery is a detectable pulse that has indistinct boundaries. This signifies presence of dampness or phlegm in the body. Excess mucous sluggish digestion, fur on tongue. A pregnant women has it in all positions.

Rough pulse feels choppy an irregular. This means congealed Blood( hard and painful nodes in abdomen, uterus, head etc. stagnant Chi, deficient blood.

Wiry pulse feels like a tense guitar string. This appears in Liver disease and pain.

Huge pulse is felt at all levels stronger at top and beginning. It implies excess Heat high fever, thirst, hyper thyroid, sweating, exhaustion of Chi and often is a bad sign.

Fine pulse is small and thin signifies an insufficiency of Blood and Yin. It is accompanied by thirst, irritability, low grade fever, tongue with red tip.

Irregular pulse Hasty irregular shows excess Heart Yang or congested Qi in upper burner Knotted is slow with irregular pauses shows obstruction of blood to the heart with Yin in excess or phlegm in the pericardium.

Intermittent is systemic but pauses abnormally it shows exhaustion of all organs.

Spiritual Energetic Healing

Recent research has shown the spiritual healers generate a certain type of voltage, frequencies of heart rate and brain, and a type of resonance. We have measured the same phenomena in our studies of these powerful healers. The effects include diminished cancer growth, accelerated healing, stability of metabolism and improved psychological states. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI has a fractal base of prayers in the therapies like a prayer wheel. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI also duplicates the healing function displayed by the healers. we measure the resonance of the patient to this healing energy form. The resonance to this form is displayed in the small panel. by expanding the panel we get other options for delivering this healing energy, including a multimedia treatment for the virtual reality goggles. We try to let the patient relax, pray, focus healing energy and maximize the resonance. To stop the therapy minimize the screen. We suggest 3 to 5 min once a week for best results, longer if resonance and results are seen. This function is on the therapy screen and is activated by all therapies. Results are seen on the lower right screen and can be expanded for easy vision.



When Planck, Bohr, Schodinger, and a host of others proved the undeniable existence of quantum theory, it shocked the scientific world. When Heisenberg proved the indeterminacy of this quantum theory, it shook the scientific world. Einstein could not accept this theory. He said " I do not believe that God plays dice with the Universe". Einstein believed in a cohesive force of subtle control of the universe. A true genius is often times just some one who can see that two seemingly opposite theories can actually be expressions of a third theory. Einstein did this by recognizing that a falling body to one observer might be a body at rest to another. He did not live long enough to so analyse quantum theory. With this more intellectual flexibility now let me review the problem.

Heisenberg found an elegant mathematical equation that could distinctly point where Newtonian physics was valid, and where Quantum mechanics was needed. In the quantum world indeterminacy or uncertainty was undeniably present. Scientists found that when they set up experiments within the quantum limits from Heisenbergs's equation, that their seemed to be a large experimenter effect. The minds of the experimenter could effect the experiment.

Over the last century medical and biology experimenters have also discovered the ability of the mind to effect experiments. The double blind became a hallmark of medical experiments. The double blind has also been brought into quantum experiments. Researchers on brake pads don't need double blind. In fact the experimenter effect in Newtonian Experiments seems to be limited to the interpretation of data not the experiment itself. In this text (Promorpheus) we attempt to prove the quantum nature of biology and thus of the human body. Then we can see that the experimenter effect of biology and quantum theory might have a similar origin.

Every culture that has ever existed has expressed some belief in psychic phenomena of some form. Extra sensory perception has been shown experimentally to manifest some small effects. Stories of ESP events echo through the history of man. This has lead to some more recent discoveries that people with their minds can effect quantum indeterminant experiments. This phenomena appears to be independent of electrons, photons (EMR), or other forms of known information transfer. The phenomena is independent of time and space as we know it.

Mathematicians describe subspace as a multi dimensional set of possible geographic space superimposed under our universe. Feyneman described the virtual photon as coming in and out of this subspace. Subspace can be seen as a polymorphic or shape defining constraint on the elements of our universe. What holds the elements of our universe in forms must be some basic force. The uncertainty of these elements must be effected by some constraint. This constraint could be a polymorphic effect of a subspace. This subspace could be consciousness or a form of consciousness of our universe. Thus a structure could be imposed on the elements of the universe by a subspace continuum. In this book we calculate the gravitation force of consciousness and propose a unified field theory based on this subspace.

So if we tie in all of the ideas we can see that quantic systems like the human body might be in touch with a consciousness subspace.

Consciousness effects quantic systems and indeterminant systems can be effected. There is a subspace of consciousness imposing a structure onto the basic elements of our physical universe. Einstein and Bohr were both right. There is an apparent indeterminant quality of this universe but it responds to and intertwines with consciousness. This book although lengthy is designed to delve into all of the ramifications of this theory for biology and medicine. In our analysis we explore the medical fallacies of basing a medicine on Newtonian chemical systems. We can also uncover other medical systems more in tune with this new theory of medicine. Hahneman proposed that all disease was caused from other dimensional effects. This could be seen as an expression of our basic theory. Radionics has long been a controversial science that speaks in similar terms to our theory. In radionics a person can effect another system at great distances in ways that modern Newtonian physics can not explain. To date these radionic systems have had a rather severe flaw. They have depended on the quantic system of the human operator. They use some subtle muscle control of the operator to operate. So they use pendulums, rub pads, muscle testing, point probes, or other human interventions to perform. This imposes a great limitation in accuracy and it allows for the human unconsciousness to intrude. Attempts can be made to reduce this intervention but they are ultimately futile and the dark qualities of the human unconscious of the operator will eventually take control and enjoy it. Then the human operator's unconscious can dump and project it's own dark qualities onto the patient.

Intrusion into this subspace will then be possible by designing the right subspace communication system. In this book I intricately show the process of the development of such a devise. This devise has been experimentally evaluated and registered as a medical devise for medical diagnosis and treatment. This represents over twenty years of my life struggling to perfect this subspace theory and a medical system designed within its' parameters. The modern science of chemistry has used the rods and balls analogy to teach chemical combinations of elements. This implies that the hard object of the ball attached to a rod is an example of how elements combine to make molecules. This was taught because the minds of the students could not grasp the quantic probability of the situation but needed a Newtonian example for a link to understanding. The problem of using a Newtonian model is that it reinforces a Newtonian model and perpetuates a misunderstanding. The true nature of a molecule is beyond Newtonian understanding. What actually happens when a molecule is made is the interaction of vibrational energy probability quantic fields. This is radically different from the rods and balls example. The teaching of biophysics needs to change. DNA research has also perpetuated the rod and ball approach. The amino acids of DNA are viewed as having a Newtonian predictability. A predictability that can not exist under quantic theory. Genetic coding seems to obey rather distinct Newtonian like rules. But the size and shape of the molecules are quite evidently Quantic in nature. Being Quantic they must be indeterminant and uncertain. The certainty of genetic DNA information transfer, must be influenced by some other non Newtonian, submolecular, subspace effect. This effect is definitely beyond Newtonian explanation. There must be an effect on the probability of the quantic nature of these molecules. Our subspace theory can offer a potential explanation. This book offers insight to the nature of a unified consciousness field controlling the subspace of the molecular exchanges necessary for life.

The current science is limited to electrons, photons(EMR) and other known systems as ways of transferring information. But ESP and radionics have fully shown that other ways of communication are possible. Since the system of this communication is depends on the human there are as we have shown limitations. These Fractal Quantic systems are all not easily repeated, but the human systems are even more prone to unreliability. Our new device is not dependent on an operator and thus is much more accurate and reliable. This offers a new form of information retrieval and transfer through subspace polymorphic communication. Since this system is still in it's infancy and only one researcher is developing such technology, we hope that more researchers and developers can be attracted. This technology can represent a dramatic leap for our science and medicine.



There is an undeniable new paradigm developing in science. The theories of consciousness, quantum theory, subspace systems, fractals, energetic medicine are all being used more and more. These systems will be common place in short time as people everywhere are losing their fixation on Newtonian dynamics and replication. Society is broadening its mind to more open consciousness ideas. Towards this end some will reject new open-minded ideas because they threaten their own ego. If their education was fixated on old now rejected dogmas, they might seek to validate their ego by threatening new concepts. Other will reject the new paradigm because it threatens their income, if they get money for using the old antiquated system.

But we encourage you to have the vision and determinism to see the future of energetic medicine. And network with us if you need help in this new vista of medicine.

The science behind this entire field of energetic medicine may seem foreign a first. The newness of these thoughts and the resistance of the old order have made the spread of these new ideas slow. These ideas seem so complex and un-understandable. Just as the concept of electromagnetic radiation and television seemed some years ago. But now we all understand the simple ideas of television. We don't have to know all of the science to use a television, nor do you need to know all of the science to use the ENERGYSCAN QXCI.



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    This program is not for therapeutic use on the patient but is for the testing of the function of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device. Make sure that you follow all installation instructions for each screen, from demographics to test screen. Make sure that you have batteries in the lower compartment or that you have a charger hooked up. The green light on the front of the box should be on. The harness should be properly hooked up for the entire test. Check the boxes as to the color of your box, and if a patient is hooked up properly. Make sure that your computer is surge protected, and that the cable to the computer port is correct. The switch on the front of your system needs to be switched to function. If any of the following is wrong the system can not measure the functions properly. After running the program the computer should tell you that the software is operative the patient link is correct and functioning, The subspace link is established, the null field is active, and the device link is established.



    The Manufacturer guarantee every new ENERGYSCAN QXCI device and FETAPHONE to be without defect. These companies offer a warranty for all parts and software for the period of one year from the date of delivery. No returns are accepted after one week after delivery. Any tampering with the hardware or attempt to violate the software will void all warranties. Duplication, disclosure, and resale are prohibited by International Law. Warranty covers only normal and suggested use and does not apply to abused devices. Proper training is strongly suggested before use. No claims or warranty are made for medical results or reaction scores. The company agrees to replace or correct any communicated defect in thirty days.

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    This is the Quantum Xrroid certificate of the medical safety of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI medical biofeedback and TENS device. This certifies that each device is tested to the standards of UL 544, CE, and Hungarian safety tests. The Hungarian government has certified this device with the Joint Ministry of Finance and Foreign Ministry Trade decree no.39/1976 PM-KKM, 34/1991 PM-NGKM. This specifies compliance with international safety, customs export and import regulations. Making this device legal for import in the USA, Europe, Asia, Japan, China, Australia, Africa, South America and elsewhere. The device is certified safe and effective by the National Institute for Hospital and Medical Engineering of Hungary decree no. 14/1990 for qualifications of hospital and medical use. Device registered to QX ltd., and by copyright and license.

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