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When Planck, Bohr, Schodinger, and a host of others proved the undeniable existence of quantum theory, it shocked the scientific world. When Heisenberg proved the indeterminacy of this quantum theory, it shook the scientific world. Einstein could not accept this theory. He said " I do not believe that God plays dice with the Universe". Einstein believed in a cohesive force of subtle control of the universe. A true genius is often times just some one who can see that two seemingly opposite theories can actually be expressions of a third theory. Einstein did this by recognizing that a falling body to one observer might be a body at rest to another. He did not live long enough to so analyse quantum theory. With this more intellectual flexibility now let me review the problem.

Heisenberg found an elegant mathematical equation that could distinctly point where Newtonian physics was valid, and where Quantum mechanics was needed. In the quantum world indeterminacy or uncertainty was undeniably present. Scientists found that when they set up experiments within the quantum limits from Heisenbergs's equation, that their seemed to be a large experimenter effect. The minds of the experimenter could effect the experiment.

Over the last century medical and biology experimenters have also discovered the ability of the mind to effect experiments. The double blind became a hallmark of medical experiments. The double blind has also been brought into quantum experiments. Researchers on brake pads don't need double blind. In fact the experimenter effect in Newtonian Experiments seems to be limited to the interpretation of data not the experiment itself. In this text (Promorpheus) we attempt to prove the quantum nature of biology and thus of the human body. Then we can see that the experimenter effect of biology and quantum theory might have a similar origin.

Every culture that has ever existed has expressed some belief in psychic phenomena of some form. Extra sensory perception has been shown experimentally to manifest some small effects. Stories of ESP events echo through the history of man. This has lead to some more recent discoveries that people with their minds can effect quantum indeterminant experiments. This phenomena appears to be independent of electrons, photons (EMR), or other forms of known information transfer. The phenomena is independent of time and space as we know it.

Mathematicians describe subspace as a multi dimensional set of possible geographic space superimposed under our universe. Feyneman described the virtual photon as coming in and out of this subspace. Subspace can be seen as a polymorphic or shape defining constraint on the elements of our universe. What holds the elements of our universe in forms must be some basic force. The uncertainty of these elements must be effected by some constraint. This constraint could be a polymorphic effect of a subspace. This subspace could be consciousness or a form of consciousness of our universe. Thus a structure could be imposed on the elements of the universe by a subspace continuum. In this book we calculate the gravitation force of consciousness and propose a unified field theory based on this subspace.

So if we tie in all of the ideas we can see that quantic systems like the human body might be in touch with a consciousness subspace.

Consciousness effects quantic systems and indeterminant systems can be effected. There is a subspace of consciousness imposing a structure onto the basic elements of our physical universe. Einstein and Bohr were both right. There is an apparent indeterminant quality of this universe but it responds to and intertwines with consciousness. This book although lengthy is designed to delve into all of the ramifications of this theory for biology and medicine. In our analysis we explore the medical fallacies of basing a medicine on Newtonian chemical systems. We can also uncover other medical systems more in tune with this new theory of medicine. Hahneman proposed that all disease was caused from other dimensional effects. This could be seen as an expression of our basic theory. Radionics has long been a controversial science that speaks in similar terms to our theory. In radionics a person can effect another system at great distances in ways that modern Newtonian physics can not explain. To date these radionic systems have had a rather severe flaw. They have depended on the quantic system of the human operator. They use some subtle muscle control of the operator to operate. So they use pendulums, rub pads, muscle testing, point probes, or other human interventions to perform. This imposes a great limitation in accuracy and it allows for the human unconsciousness to intrude. Attempts can be made to reduce this intervention but they are ultimately futile and the dark qualities of the human unconscious of the operator will eventually take control and enjoy it. Then the human operator's unconscious can dump and project it's own dark qualities onto the patient.

Intrusion into this subspace will then be possible by designing the right subspace communication system. In this book I intricately show the process of the development of such a devise. This devise has been experimentally evaluated and registered as a medical devise for medical diagnosis and treatment. This represents over twenty years of my life struggling to perfect this subspace theory and a medical system designed within its' parameters. The modern science of chemistry has used the rods and balls analogy to teach chemical combinations of elements. This implies that the hard object of the ball attached to a rod is an example of how elements combine to make molecules. This was taught because the minds of the students could not grasp the quantic probability of the situation but needed a Newtonian example for a link to understanding. The problem of using a Newtonian model is that it reinforces a Newtonian model and perpetuates a misunderstanding. The true nature of a molecule is beyond Newtonian understanding. What actually happens when a molecule is made is the interaction of vibrational energy probability quantic fields. This is radically different from the rods and balls example. The teaching of biophysics needs to change. DNA research has also perpetuated the rod and ball approach. The amino acids of DNA are viewed as having a Newtonian predictability. A predictability that can not exist under quantic theory. Genetic coding seems to obey rather distinct Newtonian like rules. But the size and shape of the molecules are quite evidently Quantic in nature. Being Quantic they must be indeterminant and uncertain. The certainty of genetic DNA information transfer, must be influenced by some other non Newtonian, submolecular, subspace effect. This effect is definitely beyond Newtonian explanation. There must be an effect on the probability of the quantic nature of these molecules. Our subspace theory can offer a potential explanation. This book offers insight to the nature of a unified consciousness field controlling the subspace of the molecular exchanges necessary for life.

The current science is limited to electrons, photons(EMR) and other known systems as ways of transferring information. But ESP and radionics have fully shown that other ways of communication are possible. Since the system of this communication is depends on the human there are as we have shown limitations. These Fractal Quantic systems are all not easily repeated, but the human systems are even more prone to unreliability. Our new device is not dependent on an operator and thus is much more accurate and reliable. This offers a new form of information retrieval and transfer through subspace polymorphic communication. Since this system is still in it's infancy and only one researcher is developing such technology, we hope that more researchers and developers can be attracted. This technology can represent a dramatic leap for our science and medicine.