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We at Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd.. are constantly advancing the art of energetic medicine. As we progress into virtual reality, our research has shown that the human mind is already capable of imaginative imagery that surpasses current technology. the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device can help to activate the imagery parts of the brain. This program will activate a program that runs music and specific stimulus into the brain.

The inputs are:

  1. harness tens and energetic stimulation,
  2. music and sound
  3. subliminal messages,
  4. sonic stimulation of body harmonics,
  5. magnetic stimulation of acupoints,
  6. visual stimulation of eyes,
  7. imagination stimulation with suggestions.

This cumulates in a new virtual reality experience that allows the doctor to proceed with his investigations, therapies, cybernetic interface while the patient relaxes and uses visual imagery to simulate functions and regain balance. This program is operated through the CD of your computer.

This program is designed for dentists or other therapist who want to relax and distract their patient while they work other therapies. This program is also of great benefit for super-learning and long therapy sessions. Access to this program is on the main menu form.

If you do not have the set up device for this use order one from Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd.. use the order form in Clasp 32 , biofeedback, texts.