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On this panel there is access to functions of spinal analysis, allergy testing, and sarcode or organ strength. The "test and treat Trivector Energy Flow" this will test and treat each vertrabrae. It measures the reactivity of the system to sarcode of the vertrabrae while testing the flow of electrical energy through the system. If there is a flow disturbance the computer will identify it by telling us it is not corrected, difficult (meaning chronic), or other message. The individual vertrabrae can be tested and treated or the whole system can be treated multiple times.

The button "Show Sarcodes" will show us many organs and show resonant they were with the patient. The higher the number the more problem there is in the organ. An inflamed or degenerate organ will show high numbers the therapist will have to decide what was the difficulty. Healthy tissue will tend to have moderate numbers like 50 to 80. Higher numbers represent risks in the organ. The "mental foci" button will turn the organ most related to the current mental state of the patient white.

The "timed treatments" button allows us to activate therapy suggestions for specific organs or organ functions. You can set the time up to forty minutes. At the right there is activation for selections of 1. Inflammation 2. Metabolic disorder, 3. Injury, 4. Infection 5.degeneration. If you know these are present in the organ you wish to treat then click. If you are not aware then do not click these boxes. You can chose several of these check boxes but only one radio button or organ therapy at a time. The help with question will allow you to ask the patient questions to access more data. These questions are also asked in the demographics panel under the "acu symptom profile", so if you have answered them on the demographic page you do not need to enter them here they will already be in the computer. This will make high risk organs be red on the sarcode panel. Click on the name of the organ to treat it for a short time. Resonance and rectified will appear on the lower right. Continue the treatments till rectified is above 90.