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These therapies are designed for specific types of disease states. Specific therapy suggestions from Rife, Tesla, Voll, Morell, EnergyScan etc are used for specific therapeutic regiems. Therapies for the following:

In music therapy:

Start Degeneration Treatment

Start Injured Tissue Treatment

Start Adipose Dissolve Treatment

Start Metabolic Repair

Start Auto Hormonal Treatment

Start Auto Neurological Repair

Start Auto Psych Treatment

Start Auto Pain Treatment

Start Relaxation and Sleep Treatment

Start Auto Digestive System Therapy

Start Auto "feel good" therapy

Reverse Lines and Skin Aging

Sport Program - Oxygenation Stim

Sport Program - Muscle Building

Sport Program - Flexibility Stim

Sport Program - Coordination Stim

Overall Immune Stimulation

Cancer Virus Destruct

Start Cancer Therapy Must be done after degeneration treatment


In the Sarcode panel of Organic destruction:

Circulation Stimulation

Congested Lymph Stim

Sluggish Liver Stim

Adrenal dysfunction Stim

Thyroid dysfunction Stim

Sex System Stim

Digestive Stim

Connective tissue Stim

Skin healing pulse

Nerval pulse Stim

Heart Stabilizer

Memory Stim

Metabolic Stim

Immune Stim

Brain Stim

Healthy Baby

Kidney Stim + Tone

Muscle Tone

Bone Stim

Intestinal Stim

So we can see a wide variety of therapies for specific diseases. Energetic medicine has a future in medicine.

The hardest thing for the new user to accept is when the unconscious of the patient disagrees with the conscious of the therapist. In the beginning therapists sometimes make up their minds rather quickly. This device measures the unconscious of the patient. As therapists use it they agree that the device is a dramatic help in accuracy. Some insecure therapists are easily threatened. After thirty patients let me know what you think.

There is tremendous complexity in the human body. There are over 1000trillion cells in the human body each doing over 10 million functions. There are over 50 trillion bacteria, fungi, mites, worms, rickettsia and viruses in the healthy human body at any time. We are breathing air that was once breathed

by Aristotle, or Julius Ceaser. We are eating protein containing atoms that once were perhaps parts of our ancient ancestors. There is a cycle of life as we metabolize and excrete. We are all interwoven in a complex repetitive cycle.

At any one time there are over 100 million bits of data reaching the human brain. This would over whelm the conscious reductionistic verbal mind. There is a constant barrage of new bacteria, virus, and other microscopic entities contacting our bodies everyday. There is a constant tirade of toxins contacting us as well from the chemical sewer we have made of our planet. There is no way to avoid this, and most importantly there is no way to be aware of this. We only become aware when we have a gross reaction such as a alarm reaction, and then we are never really sure of what provoked the alarm.

Our unconscious is monitoring the complete complexity of our life experience, and it is remembering the total history of our past experience. The conscious or verbal part of the Brain is but one tiny part, which experiences less than one percent of one percent of one per cent of one percent of all of our exposures and experiences. The conscious is isolated from true memory, it rationalises the reactions, and in short


The ENERGYSCAN QXCI offers an interface to the unconsciousness.

The conscious verbal mind even in the most aware of us has very little idea of the totality of exposure to toxins, microorganisms, emotions, smells, phrenomes, stressors, etc. The conscious verbal mind tries to understand and in trying often rationalises and struggles with the communications of the unconscious.

When they see the ENERGYSCAN QXCI display of their unconscious reactivity, they react with disbelief and argue that the device must be wrong, the hard drive must be broke. In some cases the reaction can be quite extreme. This indicates a disconnection of the conscious - unconscious link. We will need to work to establish the link, there might be an investment keeping the link inactive. The greater the investment the greater the reaction.

There is no way to completely understand the unconscious reactions. And there is also some computer error. As such we should do our best to help the patient to increase awareness.

Awareness Medicine and energetic autofocus therapy are the future of medicine. Awareness medicine is designed to increase the conscious and unconscious bond, while dealing with responsibility issues.

The incredible complexity of the human experience, and the interaction of a complex environment, dictate a computer system to deal with the vast quantity of data. If we expose one thousand people to a small amount of a toxin like mercury for example, the usual detox of the body should be able to deal with it. But in one case the toxin might be lodged in the wrong place and do damage to an enzyme pathway and disrupt metabolism or immune function. The cause of the disease is mercury, but statistically it would be hard to understand. Statistics can not be used to understand life. There is an extremely small chance of being hit by a bullet in today's life. But it still happens and causes disease.

Our society discourages emotional displays and we are taught to bury and push our unconscious feeling deep. School children will terrorise other children who show their unconscious emotions. A side from the complexity of experience we learn other ways to ignore our unconscious. The workings of karma are mysterious.

Medicine must learn to deal with the complexity not the reductionism. In the Demographics screen there is a program for acupuncture diagnosis. Here the therapist will answer questions about the patient. One page of these questions is about the pulse diagnosis. These questions take some skill to master. For those who have the skill use the program, if not then practice until you can get some help. The results of this inventory of data are presented on the therapy screen on the acupuncture screen. There is a button for acu data that allows calculation of the results.