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This Program allows for music therapy. You must have a CD in your computer and a sound board. This Therapy also works with the Trivector acu stim pads sold by Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd.. It is suggested to use amplified headphones. Contact your distributor or Healing Bio Dynamics and QX ltd. direct.

Deep muscle relaxation has been shown to be effective in most all diseases. When the muscles and mind relax, the proper healing energy of the body is at a maximum. The music deepens the relaxation and the trivector stim pads will input a harmonic soliton wave into the body for healing. By inducing a electromagneticstatic concordant wave in the body many aberrant wave forms are reduced. Replacing them with proper fractal harmonics. This therapy page will allow therapy for 10 to 30 minutes. This can be unsupervised or with a therapist present. You can use this time to prepare your report or to prepare your next patient.

To use this therapy; attach the headphones and the trivector stim units to a concerned acupoint or on a pain area. Choose a proper CD for therapy. Then start the CD by clicking on the Green arrow or the most left button on the CD navigator. Once the sound therapy has started after 6 sec then choose any other therapy to superimpose on the sound. You can choose pain therapy, autonomic nerval therapy, adipose tissue therapy, or harmonic phase therapy. The harmonic phase therapy will analyse the brain wave and determine any phase aberrations in the brain wave. BIORESONANCE will attempt to correct these aberrations. The quick check will look for phase disorders without therapy.

Aberrant phase disorders are revealed in the trackbar on the page. Left and right brain phase problems are most revealing. The science and mathematics of this work are discussed in the Promorpheus, an advanced treatise on the subspace and quantum aspects of biology.

The best choice of music for therapy is a smooth harmonic type such as classical. Some of my personal therapeutic favorites are:

  1. Beethoven 7 for melancholy
  2. Mozart for balancing the brain
  3. Vivaldi for SUPERLEARNING
  4. Vangelis for Stress Reduction
  5. Jonathan Livingston Seagull for depression
  6. Rossini for Chronic Fatigue

Any music can work to help the patient relax and transcend the disorders of the body. Concordant harmonic music is suggested.

Patients will receive the pervasive waveform in 3 to 5 min. Sick patients will take longer.

When you click the CD start green arrow the music and trivector pattern starts. The 'Start' button will start a 20 min therapy from the harness. The Alarm reaction detection is enabled. If the music is dissonant to the person or there is an alarm reaction then the music will stop and the program will close. When the 'Start (alarm disabled)' is clicked the therapy will proceed for 20 min with out interruption.

You will need to reset the computer or control-alt-delete to stop the therapy. The 'Homeopathic ' panel will allow a superimposed trivector homeopathic field to be put into the therapy.

'Harmonic Therapy' button will start a 5 min. BIORESONANCE therapy.

The 'SUPERLEARNING' program will transmit a particular harmonic wave into the brain and the body of the patient for 20 plus minutes. Play a baroque CD such as Vivaldi. The input a audiotape of the subject to be learned into the sound board in the 'IN' receptor. This will then play the subject matter over the CD music, while the ENERGYSCAN QXCI induces a SUPERLEARNING field in the brain of the subject. Apply the Trivector stim pads on the two frontal emmences on the forehead.

In our research we have shown this to be safe and increase the learning over 200%. We recommend the therapy once or twice a week.