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Years ago there was a device that was designed to play music and then adjust the music to stimulate relaxation. Thus as the music plays through the body muscle tension inhibits the flow of the music. Since our ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can make music with the CD player, hear music with the Microphone, and adjust therapy outlet through the ENERGYSCAN QXCI harness, we have all the essential ingredients to do the same. To Operate this, simply pick a piece of music from the CD music selection on our relax music CD. Then push the activate CD button. After the CD is activated then when ready push the Music therapy button. The quality of this will depend on the quality of your soundboard, speakers or headphones, and microphone. This can used as SUPERLEARNING, relaxation, or muscle therapy.

Set time for therapy in minutes (approximate as the device is self-adjusting). Reports on muscle relaxation patterns is available on the right of the screen. Deep muscle relaxation is then developed into the patient in minutes rather than hours. Be careful as the device then also increases suggestibility dramatically.