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The power of the word is profound. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. The Bible says in the beginning there was the WORD. Years ago Roy Curtin in America found that patients could react to words in similar fashion to the real items. Many devices were designed and marketed that used computer words to test reaction. In this device, ENERGYSCAN QXCI , we also use the words. In this device it is one tenth of the total testing package. But even though there are more powerful means of testing, we use the words along with them for peak performance. Rife found that precise wave forms had derogatory effects on biology. He found that the body liked "dirty" or complex fractal waves. Thus our device use a complex fractal set of waves with prayers and hololinguistics superimposed. You can add specifics to this fractal dimension by adding

1. the Primary Disease,

2. the Stressed Organ

3. the Emotional Blockage

There is an emotional link to organs in the acupuncture and natural medicine.

Lack of forgiveness of others self or even God, can be a powerful cause of disease. Jealousy, regret, excess expectations, unresolved conflicts, and many others can cause disease. Type in the name of the conflict after a short interview and they will be added to the fractal backdrop of the program in any or all therapies you use. This combines Hololinguistic with Neurolinguistic Programming.

In the Interview look for hidden emotional blockage and if the patient does not want to pursue an emotional link to the development of their disease then leave it blank for possibly another day. To ignore a truth is to give it power. To confront a negative fault with too much energy is to fixate on the negative. This gives the fault power. Rather mark the fault with light of awareness and let the nonjudgmental light release the negativity.

You can ignore the emotional link, use it on the therapy, or perhaps construct an affirmation for the patient to use at home. Forgiveness does not take 7 times nor 70 times, but 7 times 70. use the affirmation 70 times a day for one week. Then release it. The affirmation file can help or you can construct your own.

Replace all Pride with compassion, replace all fear with love, replace all ignorance with nonjudgemental awareness, replace all greed with generosity, replace all desire with acceptance. Replace Fear with trust and love. Replace dark with light and enthusiasm. There is power in the mind and in the words. But the words are not the mind they just pass through. The words are strong but there is a greater power of the mind and the consciousness of the universe.

Power Double

This will double the output of any of the therapies. The normal setting is at a body compatible level of .7 to1.5 volts and micro amps. It is rare for a patient to feel this directly they usually feel the effects of body stabilization. When this button is clicked the output is doubled. This is still not usually felt directly. The signal will penetrate deeper. If on the third or fourth visit there is still no results or if the lesion is deep in the body then use this setting. Don't use it unless needed. When the signal is doubled and the patient reacts to a signal, the voltage might swell and possible cause a sting to the skin. This will not happen at the low setting. Move the harness off of the forehead when using this setting.

The Auto Meridian therapy treats and sense changes in the Acupuncture meridian system. At the end of the approximately 5 min therapy the system will tell you which meridians could not be corrected. They will appear in Dark letters. Then You can have one more chance to correct the meridian disturbance. Click on the dark box in front and the system will interrupt and try harder to correct the problem. If it still can not correct the disturbance it will tell you and you should try another time. The corrections are usually temporary and life style changes real acupuncture and real homeopathy help to increase the results. After the Electroacupuncture test the AcuPoint button appears. Clicking on it will reveal the acupuncture points the machine could not fix or bring to resonance. The new device will also tell us which meridians are yang or yin as well as whether the patient is excess yin or yang electrically at the time of the test.

In the acupuncture program there is now a program that will allow you to process acupoints in a specific order. This can be used for phobias or any other acupuncture type function. This is under the 'Consciousness Form' Button.

The Auto Frequency Program will Generate Rife frequencies and detect reactive frequencies, and organ polarity frequency reactions. The therapy can take from 2 to 5 min. The reactive most frequencies are displayed and the organs of polarity disturbances are displayed in Dark letters. Click each individually to try to correct or check the treat all switch to set the system to treat all disturbances. The uncorrectable problems will be displayed.

The Scaler therapy tries to correct the energetic Chakra disturbances. To do so it can develop high degrees of voltage if the reactance of the patient gets too high. Take the harness off the forehead and apply it to the injured or disturbed area.

The Allergy Treatment therapy needs to know the allergen, the symptoms, and the areas of allergy. input them in the appropriate input boxes. Then follow the instructions and read them to the patient as the program tries to energetically lower the reaction threshold of the allergy.

The energetic stress terrain panel reveals a stress profile for our patient.

The Terrain of the body is much more than just the chemistry of the pH and redox potential. The Voltage capacities reflect the catecholamine or adrenal functions. The Amperage potentials reflect the indolamines or brain functioning of the person. The voltage strength reflects the willpower, where the amperage reflects the life force. The oxidation potential reflects the ability of oxygen to effectively cross membranes. The hydration index indicates the available water in the patient. If we just use the chemical components of the patient, we are ignoring the true body electric. Resistance is a measure of the ease of energy flow in the patient. Inflammation speeds flow, where degeneration slows flow. Only with true energetic medicine using the potentials of Volts, Amps, Resistance and Oscillation (frequencies can not be measured with a resistance only device) can we develop an in-depth healing art. There are still some very unintelligent people who think that all of energetic medicine can be contained in resistance measurement, but for those with beyond elementary school education it becomes apparent the vision of a true energetic medicine. The components of amperage and voltage oscillate. This reflects the oscillations of the brain, heart and the vibrations of the subtle bodies. The speed of the reactance of the patient is also extremely important. This can only be determined after the calibration process. Then the time and sensitivity of the test can be maximized. The pH is the inverse log of the proton pressure or the available protons. Acids accept electrons because they are mostly protons. The more protons the more acid the system. The eh is the inverse log of the of the electron pressure or the available electrons. Bases donate electrons. With our sophisticated electrical system we can measure the pH and eH electrically. The phase disturbances can also be measured with our device.

This reflects disturbance in information and energy exchange. The resonant frequencies of the patient are also important. They reflect normal biological processes. With these variables, a system that can measure at biological speeds, and a system that can repair the energetic defects detected, we can start our science of energetic medicine.

To repair the body electric, we will need a responsive system which can monitor the corrections with a cybernetic loop. We can add electrons to an over acid system, or neutralize excesses. We can filter signals for bioresonsnce and repair malicious wave forms with cybernetic feedback. Automatic Energetic medicine has been made possible.

Dr. Janos Selye developed a pathway of disease from excess stress. The stress can come from many ways, such as toxicity, trauma, pathogens, mental factors, perverse energy, allergies, heredity, habits, deficiency syndrome etc. As the stress continues, the disease progress.

The work of Hungarian doctor Hans Selye showed the world a proper medicine based on stress reduction and stress control. He showed the negative effects of stress on the body and the physiology. Stress starts by producing an Alarm response in the patient which will provoke symptoms. If the stress continues the body will go into an Adaptation stage which is symptom free. The disease progresses as the symptoms reduce.