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Automatically stimulates the acupuncture meridians and tries to adjust them with frequency adjustment techniques. To use the SEG quadrant test remove the Head harness and click the button, The ankle and wrist harness must be on. The scores displayed are for the Overal quadrant freq, the computer adjustment, the muscle freq of the quad and finally the risk of foci numbers of the quadrant. to treat click the treat button and the five minute therapy will start. Click the check quadrants to recheck. Look for acupoints in the quadrant to fully treat.

Auto Freq

Automatically treats with Rife frequencies the organs and the polarity disturbances of the patient.

Auto Color

Automatically treats the patient with color therapy and finally chooses the best healing color for the patient.

Auto Trivector

Automatically filters like the Bicom and Mora devices but with this cybernetic interface this system can adjust the treatment program to the best treatment capacities for maximum results. Double click on the book for DNA therapy.


Treats the Chakras of the patient. This program can only be seen with the Autocolor screen activated. This system can develop maximum voltage be careful with this program.

Allergy Treatment

This program is not fully automatic it needs the therapist to provide the allergen and the action of the allergen. This program is on the AutoMeridian screen.

Mental NLP

This program allows for energetic reprogramming of mental energy follow the directions and insert the answers in the edit boxes. The device can detect personality superimposition and will alert if present. The Warning panel will allow for correction of the superimposition of personalities if detected.


This program allows for energetic correction and detection of energetic imbalances in the spinal vertebrae. Follow instructions on screen. Sarcode, chackra, and organ reactivity is also revealed Double click on any sarcode to treat it. An Allersode test of allergy families is also provided. Difficult and reapearing concerns will need more correction and sometimes show miasmatic or inherited tendencies.


This program reveals Homotoxicology disturbances, Xenobiotics, Miasms, and mental reactions. The mental screen also has a lie detector. Click detect and talk to the patient for 15 to 20 sec. Click the detect button and if the device has a reaction over 50% if a possible lie has occurred during the challenge. On the mental screen there is also a fast Fourier transform of the heart rhythm. This can reveal the ratio of love to frustration. The patient should relax and concentrate on love feelings. In the Homotoxicology screen we can test specific organs for xenobiotics or nosodes. This screen allows for a brief glimpse of the key notes or polycrests of German Homotoxicology There are info panels on Isodes, Nosodes, Miasms, Mental factors.


This screen allows glimpses of nutritional disturbances and classical Homeopathy

Auto Frequency Modulation

This screen offers us the functions of EEG, ECG, trivector, Subspace transform, organ systems, autonomic nerval tests, and others. On the Organ systems Panel is the Adipose treatment program which has been researched in France to break up Fat tissue.

ECG Under the ECG panel we can analyze the ECG for several risk factors, there is now a treat button that will allow you to stabilize the heart beat. The frequency abalation button will apply frequencies that can stabilize the heart beat of certain cardiac risks this button should not be used unless you are trained to do so.


Will activate a program that will attempt electrical repair of any energetic terrain disturbance detected in the test screen. You can only use the button once. The same is activated with other programs so you can repeat.