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This program will look for an electrical compatibility to classic repertory symptoms. Input the sensations into the edit boxes. Try not to lead the patient, ask for patient responses to the questions in the edit boxes. Get the answers in simple terms and type them into the boxes in English. Ask a question like please tell me what sensations you feel in the head.

DO NOT ASK is there a pain in your head? Or any direct reference to a possible symptom. If the answer is that the area is normal then type normal. If the only answer is I am not sure then ask for the immediate or present sensations. If the patient can not talk or converse to you type N/A (for not applicable) into the edit boxes or leave all untouched. You can type 256 characters in each box.

After completion Click the Load button then click the Scan button on the next panel. The computer will now scan the electrical and repertory compatibility in the homeopathic matrix. The top items will have values above 400 and appear at the bottom of the grid. Most patient are sick because they can not properly feel, express, or understand their own sensations. Patients often lie, twist or cover up some data when asked to verbally describe their sensations. The verbal area of the brain is very small and is restricted in access to the rest of the body. This makes verbal interactions weak in their ability to get to the truth of the patient's health. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device interacts with the unconscious for a deeper and truer picture. The device will now look for compatibility and allow the unconscious of the patient to chose homeopathics for their own body.