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The ENERGYSCAN QXCI device represents a long history of over two decades of work by. By measuring the static trivector field of thousands of homeopathics, including nosodes, allersodes, isodes, sarcodes, classics and combinations. Then the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system measures the reactive changing trivector field of the patient, while he is exposed to these homeopathics energies at rapid biological speeds. Since the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can measure the reactions at biological speeds of one hundredth of a second or more, the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can measure true BIORESONANCE.

So in developing a Dental, Body, or face scan, the ENERGYSCAN QXCI system can look for global reactions and determine location of energetic foci, or look for reactions to muscles or other sarcodes. From these results we can plot a risk chart of probabilities with about 85 to 90 percent accuracy. This can then be used to quickly set treatment parameters. With the cybernetic loop of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device active, we can then allow the computer to auto adjust the treatments at biological speeds. Speeds that other systems can not function at. This gives you the user the finest and most accurate medical system available today.

First you must initialize the dental data by going to the upper left menu label called 'Information' and click the 'start info exchange' function. Now you can choose which dental function or treatment to choose from. You can review the dental isodes or nosodes, test teeth reactivity, test and scan the skull for foci, test and treat muscle function in the TMJ, and develop reports in the notes file. There is also a button for pain diminishment or trauma correction. We trust you will enjoy our new list of tests and therapies.