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This checks the reactance response of the patient to an item with multiple channels and multiple vectors. If the patient develops a headache or pain response terminate use. Individual Reaction Test just one item whatever is marked. This function has been improved over the past and can also turn on an EMG, EEG, or EPR function. Since we know the proper vibration levels of the muscle we can work a EMG or other with out reconnecting the harness. The computer also rates the coherence of the waveform connection. A long list of reaction scores is now shown but this is still only one thousandth or less of the total mathematics used. This is not meant to confuse but should improve your analysis of the reactivity. This program now is improved and compensates for entropic variance. There is still a massive amount of mathematics used, like it takes many signals to make a TV picture which we reductionistically call a tree.

This program takes many signals to get a reactance. Some of the electrical vectors are shown in the first 18 values.

The total reactance value is the old reductionistic value; it shows the total reactance.

The Allergic reactance shows how much of a allergic (not negative or toxic) reaction.

The difference can show the allergic tendency if low or nutritional need if high.

The resonance will show the long term need for an item, if it is high or the patient resonates to the item. The coherence will show how close the waveform returns to its primary form in the body. High coherence will help to confirm nutritional need or the body wants it.

The Fourier chaos harmonic is just a number relating to adaptation response to EPR testing.

The accuracy number is a mathematical rating of the quality of the signal. Numbers below 33% should be retested. When the EMG, or EPR, or EEG options are visible the computer will harmonically allow testing in this fashion to test for muscle, nerve, or other sarcode quality. If the sarcode number is high then the organ tissue in question is most likely healthy but stressed from an outer stress. Low numbers mean a high chance of disturbed or unhealthy tissue.

How much energy is in the tissue is also revealed. Numbers here should be 75. Larger indicate too much energy, below 50 too little.

So there is a more complex individual reaction but please minimize its use, Your job is to help the patient not to test the device. Get to the point and help the patient as quickly as possible without over treating them.