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The ENERGYSCAN QXCI interface is set at natural biological electrical levels. So the therapy is most often not felt directly. But the effects are none the less dramatic even though they are below conscious perception. Still the unconscious will perceive the healing effects. This most often results in a positive change in the mood and awareness. Sensations of warmth tingling and euphoria are most often perceived. Sometimes the conscious fights the change and limits conscious perception of the healing. Increase in memory, compassion, and positivity can be demonstrated by asking questions of the patient in these areas. And realize that sometimes the conscious will recognize these effects later that day. Some conscious minds will struggle with natural intervention and they need time to feel the effects. The goal of this medical device is to promote healing not perception of change. So be patient with such patients.

The patient should not feel the device but should feel the effects. If the water is the same temperature as the skin the person does not feel the bath but afterwards the person should feel clean. This simple awareness needs to be cultivated in our patients as they increase in self-awareness and self-healing. The ENERGYSCAN QXCI is just a tool the ultimate goal is to awaken the healing force and awareness of the patient. This will set them free from dependence and if we educate them then we have done our jobs as doctors. Building dependence and reliance is the job of allopaths. Our job is to set the patient free. VERY IMPORTANT SEEK MORE TO HEAL LESS TO KNOW, IT IS OK TO SEEK TO KNOW BUT ONLY IF YOU SEEK FIRST TO HEAL. Healing should take place softly, gently, and with peace and tranquility. Let the healing proceed do not try to force it or try to force understanding it. The more we try to understand our digestion the more we interfere with it. Just think about what your digestion is doing after your next meal, you will soon feel discomfort. This is supposed to be an unconscious process that does not need your conscious understanding. So is healing. Cellular repair, detox, system regulation, hormonal balance are best done by the unconscious not the verbal impatient conscious mind.