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Now you will see that several other buttons are enabled with the words in dark letters. HELP will take you to the complete help manual in windows format.

But on some windows computers the format might not be right so this manual might be all you can get.

You can go to the therapy program, the insurance and billing program, information if accessible, or demographics. In the normal patient program you should now go to the Demographics button and click. The cursor starts in the patient name box and you must enter a name to proceed. The name is important for the subspace operation.

You should now enter the patient name in the upper edit box. The cursor should appear in the edit box of the name when the program is started. If not, click into the box with the arrow if the cursor is not already in the edit box, and then type the correct patient name. Tabbing twice more will put you into the SOC questions.

If the SOC has changed from the last visit, you must change it on the Demographics page. Use the "Modify Patient " button on the Patient Data screen return and save the new info. We hope the patient has taken responsibility and changed their behavior positively. This is reinforcing for the patient and helps the report menu.

Next we can calculate the Suppression and Obstruction to Cure Index, which can tell us the amount of available life force the patient has to recover from their disease. The computer screen has several questions on their medical history. Such as organs removed, drugs taken etc. Click onto the first edit box after the organs removed question. A no entry is equivalent to a zero. You can tab from one box to another and enter only a number. If you make a mistake and backspace the computer will give an error message.

To avoid this enter the correct number after the mistake and then click in front of the correct number and backspace to remove the mistake. This will assure that there is always a number in the box once a number is inserted.

There is an impairment rating system in the report. Input any amutations, or other impairments into the report.

For body fat percentage we need to input some antropromorphic data. Height, weight, abdomen and thigh circumference are essential. Also fat layer thickness on abdomen, and under arm triceps area are helpful. This data and the electrical harness data will allow a fat percentage rating.

If the patient is pregnant the click the pregnant box. This will allow testing of the baby in the test screen.