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The body is indeed quantic as we have proven in the PROMORPHEUS. As such then the body is digital in nature. With this in mind we need to evaluate the body in digital terms not analog. The eclosion, phasix, listen best and other systems use analog to digital converters and thus diminish data. Only the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device uses digital to digital communication without A to D converters. This dramatically increases the quality of the data while decreasing the price.

There is a three dimensional picture of the stagnant trivector of this homeopathic available in the program. To access the picture go to the matrix on the test screen, click on the item and then click the "Expand Name" button.

At the bottom an access to the picture button will appear. Then load the picture of the selected homeopathic.

This picture is a result of the trivector tests of the capacitance, inductance, and conductance test of the homeopathic.

These pictures are copyrighted and any unauthorized use will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The color the size and shape are indicative of the polymorphic structure or the liquid crystal nature of water in the tested homeopathic. This trivector field is duplicated into the patient for testing and for therapy. I hope these pictures will help in understanding the nature of the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device.

The chart of the mathematics shows the complexity of this signal. Other companies use one frequency or one signal for duplication. The nature of the structure of a homeopathic is quite complex as this chart reveals. And even this mathematical signature is reduced from the real picture of nature. This is why we put a real test-kit into the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device for Quantum Coherency. This results in a superior test and therapy.