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The cause of suffering is the desire for things to be different. Everyone suffers as that the ever changing cycles of existence prompt needs. These needs prompt desires, it is natural. The cycles of life include death. Death or accident come and prompt loss. Loss prompts desire. When we lose something that made us feel good we suffer more. When we have excess clinging to desire we prompt excess suffering.

Loss and suffering are part of life. It gives us lessons and helps us grow. Time can heal many wounds not all. Some say no pain no gain. Life indeed has pain for all will suffer.

The depth of suffering is connected with the depth of desire. If we can release the desire we can release the suffering. To release the desire we must either accept the conditions or change them.

Desire and suffering are the force behind technology, just as they were the force behind the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device. For my desire to help others led to this device.

We all must pray to find the knowledge to change the things we can and should and accept the things we can't. I hope this lesson will help in your development.

The ENERGYSCAN QXCI has powerful effects. It can help to point to the cause of disease, treat damaged or weak organs, unblock blockages, help symptoms, and correct constitutional and metabolic disease, but if the message on maturity and compassion can be learned and utilized without ego then it gains much more power.