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The brain can not experience the world directly. The senses detect changes and they are carried to the brain. These perceptions are then processed in the brain. The conscious or verbal mind then must process these perceptions in the context of it's memories, motivations, and prejudice. Perception is effected by preconception, bias, partiality, fanaticism, presupposition, favoritism, and learning. These are all internal factors implanted in the brain by experience. So our perceptions of others and the world is based on our perceptions of our self. We can become angry at others when we see unwanted parts of ourselves in them. Anger is most often a projection of internal struggle.

If we hold anger, rage, resentment or negative emotions for others, it means that we hold similar feelings for ourselves. When we gain compassion for all and especially ourselves we can untie the wheel of suffering. This can release many diseases, and definitely release the attached suffering. Anger is a striking emotion it is an emotion of violent action. It is countered by love. Countered by awareness and eased by time.

Do not ignore anger as that it gives it power as it builds up within. Do not fight against it because that amplifies it with the strength of two. Anger is your friend and in times of danger it is a good friend. But clinging to anger blended with frustration can be a cause of disease. Increase awareness, compassion, vents the anger and frustration with calm and balance. Explore your responsibility, allow some time for analysis, and then act with direct and controlled precision.

Increasing awareness and compassion is our new form of medicine.

This is the heart of responsibility medicine. To gain enough insight to see the log in our eye before criticizing the speck in another eye. If we expand this to awareness of social or society, and then the environment, we gain more awareness and compassion. Finding the responsibility and maturity to see how our thoughts and actions effect the spirituality of the universe and we can gain enlightenment.

As Einstein once said" the idea that there is separateness is but an illusion, we are all one thing in this universe, our job is to widen our circle of compassion till it surrounds everything in the universe".

The ENERGYSCAN QXCI has powerful effects. It can help to point to the cause of disease, treat damaged or weak organs, unblock blockages, help symptoms, and correct constitutional and metabolic disease, but if the message on maturity and compassion can be learned and utilized without ego then it gains much more power.