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One of the main health problems of mankind is the lack of maturity. Maturity is measured by ones ability to see the future consequences of today's actions. The further one can see into the future the more mature the person is. In behavioral theory we often remark how for many people the small reward today outweighs the large reward or large punishment of tomorrow.

Specifically the small reward of a cigarette today outweighs the risk of cancer in the future. The small reward of a drug today outweighs the dependency and diseases of tomorrow, for many it is said that tomorrow seems to never come. Some people never thought they would live to be forty. And some say that if I knew I would have lived so long, I would have taken better care of myself. Disregard of self is a major cause of disease.

Addiction is often based in peer pressure and lack of maturity. Then as the physical drug dependency deepens with the lack of maturity that further drives the need for today's small reward, we see the effects of addiction. This is a difficult problem to correct.

Increasing maturity and awareness is our new form of medicine.

This is the heart of responsibility medicine. To gain enough maturity to see the consequences of our actions and how they effect our total lives and the lives of others. If we expand this to responsibility of social or society, and then the environment, we gain more maturity. Finding the responsibility and maturity to see how our thoughts and actions effect the spirituality of the universe and we can gain enlightenment.

As Einstein once said" the idea that there is separateness is but an illusion, we are all one thing in this universe, our job is to widen our circle of compassion till it surrounds everything in the universe".

If we hold anger, rage, resentment or negative emotions for others, it means that we hold similar feelings for ourselves. When we gain compassion for all and ourselves we can untie the wheel of suffering. This can release many diseases, and definitely release the attached suffering.

The ENERGYSCAN QXCI has powerful effects. It can help to point to the cause of disease, treat damaged or weak organs, unblock blockages, help symptoms, and correct constitutional and metabolic disease, but if the message on maturity and compassion can be learned and utilized without ego then it gains much more power.