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The word doctor comes from the Latin word educator, which means teacher. A doctor should be a teacher, thus education is a must for medicine. The word science is from the Latin word scio, which is "to Know". A scientist seeks to know. So he must reduce variables from their natural complexity. In the real world of fractal complexity there is no way to know. This is the realization of recent science, it is a shock to science but it is true. In complex fractal situations we can not know exact results of interventions. A healer seeks to heal and thus it is secondary to know. A true healer is satisfied to heal even if he does not know how or why. A scientist wants to know more than he wants to heal. Many of our youth have grown up seeing scientist make advances in technology and they want to be like the scientists. These frustrated scientist find there is little money in science, and thus become doctors because they think that being a doctor as a form of science. When they seek to know more than they seek to heal they are not good doctors. It is important for scientist to develop and test products before they are used on patients, but then science should take a back seat to healing and education which is true healing. Healing and knowing are not the same. Healing most often takes place without conscious knowing. Healing is an unconscious process. Healing in our own bodies is maximised if we do not seek to intellectually force it.

The rules of a fractal or complex interaction such as the body human start with four simple truths,

1. Things never repeat

2. Small events can have large effects.

3. The whole is more than a sum of its' parts.

4. Analysis of the whole can be intuited or felt but not by analysis of the parts

With this in mind realize that many scientists have developed and tested the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device for you to use. It is tested save and effective. Your patient is coming to you for healing and healing should start with education and compassion. Put the sensitivity, tenderness, understanding, and empathy of your heart into our five step process. Then the ENERGYSCAN QXCI device can free up your time in analysis and allow you to maximize the healing and compassion in your heart.