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Health is ease of flow. Health is a flow of items into and out of the body. We intake nutrients, air, water, minerals, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, thoughts, ideas, friendship, love, respect, mental stimulation, spiritual stimulation, and a host of other nutrients. We detox and excrete urine, breath exhale, stool, mucus, sweat, menses, bad feelings, fixations, addictions, Coercions, intimidations, fetishes, manias, compulsions, spiritual doubts and a host of excretions. Life is a cycle of intake, chew, absorb or reject, assimilate, produce toxins, detox, and start anew.

This is the need to survive. Add to this the need to reproduce and now enters our sexual needs. All of this results in a very complex flow of energies in and out, in cycles.

The levels of the person are the body, mind, spirit, social, and environmental. It is impossible to separate these or to know where one starts and another stops. Thus these parts can not be reduced or analyzed separately. When there is ease of flow of things in these levels the person is in health. Health is ease of flow.